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Fundraising Tips

We've learned a thing or two about fundraising from our more than 65 years experience and thousands of satisfied customers. Whether you are a school, civic group, church group, band or sports team, these tips will help you make the most out of your Terri Lynn fundraiser.

Fundraising Tip 1: Organize Your Group

Divide the major responsibilities among a few members, appoint the following:

  1. Project Chairperson—Orders nuts, follows up orders and supervises all other chairpersons. The chairperson can contact local businesses to help "underwrite" the cost of your supplies so that your sales are pure profit. Call us for details.
  2. Finance Chairperson—Handles all funds, keeps detailed records of all collections and disbursements. Retains these records for future fundraisers.
  3. Publicity Chairperson—This is a very important position that can really benefit your group. A good deal of FREE publicity is available. Radio, television, newspapers, shopping center bulletins, etc.

Fundraising Tip 2: Set Goals for Your Organization

Know what you are going for and set realistic goals for the group. How much money you'll need and when you need the funds.

This graph shows some profit examples to help set your goals:

Fundraising Profit Graph

Fundraising Tip 3: Send for Our Fundraising Kit

Fill out the request form for a complete package with all the information you need. Our Fundraising Kit includes a color catalog, order form, collection envelopes, and samples of our delicious products. See for yourself how simple fundraising can be with Terri Lynn!

And sign up at www.terrilynnfundraising.com to order samples online.

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