Video tutorials on how to user Terri Lynn's Fundraiser Dashboard

We’ve streamlined how to order products to sell, promote your fundraiser, track the money you’ve raised, and even send a personal thank you to each person who bought a product from your fundraiser—all from one easy-to-use online portal.

We call this your Fundraiser Dashboard and it's free when you sign up to use a Terri Lynn Fundraiser.

Use these four (4) training videos below to help you get started!

Part 1 - Sign Up for a Free Account

Part 2 - How to Order Fundraising Products (for In-Person Selling)

Part 3 - Online Fundraising with a Terri Lynn Webstore

Part 4 - Using Your Fundraiser Dashboard to Promote Your Cause

Step-By-Step Training Guide Also Available

We've created a comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow guide you can download to accompany these training videos. Print it out to take notes, save a copy to keep it handy for future reference, or know that it is always a click away in your Fundraiser Dashboard as a handy reference.

Download Form - Fundraiser Dashboard How-to Guide

Fundraiser Dashboard How-to Guide

Terri Lynn Fundraising offers a free, easy-to-use Fundraiser Dashboard that lets your organization order products, set up a Webstore, and promote your cause from one central online location. Use this handy training guide to learn how to 1) create a free online account, 2) order products online for in-person selling, 3) sell products online with a free Webstore and 4) use your Fundraiser Dashboard to promote your fundraiser.

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