Refer a Friend, Share Success and Get Paid!

Did you know Terri Lynn Fundraising offers a fabulous referral bonus? We do—and it’s a terrific way for Your Organization to raise extra money.

Post Date: Aug 13 2020

When you refer another chapter or organization to Terri Lynn Fundraising, they get to hear how you've raised money selling our premium nuts, tempting confections and mouth-watering snack mixes.

We feel there is nothing better than that kind of personal review!

STEP 1. Refer another fundraising organization to Terri Lynn.

Simply complete the Referral Reward Certificate with your organization’s name and give it to your contacts.

Referral Award Fundraisers with a big check

STEP 2. Their organization starts their own Terri Lynn fundraiser.

Make sure your contact submits the certificate with their 2 case or 24 bag minimum order.

STEP 3. Your organization receives a check for $100.

Remain in good standing standing with your own group’s annual purchases — and once we receive your contact’s order and the Referral Certificate, your check is on the way.

You get your referral reward fast—within 30 days or fewer of the referred organization’s order.

Sharing how simple it is to use Terri Lynn Fundraising, is a win for everyone. Your friend finds out how easy it is to raise money selling Terri Lynn products; and when they order, your organization earns the $100 referral bonus.

Of course, raising more funds is a win for your cause, too!

Where to Get the Referral Form

You can find our Referral Reward Certificate here. And feel free to contact our dedicated fundraising experts if you have questions about our referral program.

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