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Terri Lynn has been family owned and operated since 1936. With more than 70 years of experience in the industry, we are poised to help bakeries, dairies and confectioners meet any challenge, new idea or ingredient requirement.

We have earned our reputation as one of the most committed and respected ingredient suppliers in the United States by producing consistent, quality ingredients. We are a direct source supplier of nuts, dried fruits, chocolate-covered and yogurt-coated products. Our clientele consists mainly of confectioners, bakeries, dairies (ice cream manufacturers), restaurants, retailers and fundraising organizations. Products are roasted, cut, mixed, candy coated, processed and shipped directly from the Elgin, Illinois Headquarters.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Elgin Pano - Elgin Illinois Facility

Elgin, Illinois

Our facility in Elgin is 108,000 square feet on 17 acres of land and can process over 50 million pounds annually. It is comfortably situated for future expansion. Its staff includes an extensive Quality Control Department that oversees the manufacture of all their products. We have complete HACCP and GMP Programs in place that include hourly checks of every production line and comprehensive product testing to ensure food quality and safety.

We use an ATP Bioluminescent cleaning validation system to make certain all equipment is clean prior to use, and regularly test all final products for microbiological hazards. We are proud to assure our customers of a high quality product with a quality guarantee, and when requested will provide a certificate of analysis on the product ordered.

Cordelle Pano - Cordelle Georgia Pecan...

Cordele, Georgia

We also own and operate a state-of-the-art pecan shelling plant in Cordele, Georgia. This plant shells and processes pecans for the Elgin facility and customers worldwide, and is capable of processing 20 million pounds of raw material per year.

We are very particular about the pecan growers with whom we associate, insuring a high quality product through personal visitation and inspection of groves. Unlike other pecan shelling plants in the United States, the Cordele facility shells its pecans by variety as well as size. This gives us a unique advantage by being able to supply customers with the shape, size, and color required on a consistent basis.

A cold water/chlorine process is used to clean and sanitize the pecans. This process produces a brighter looking and crisper tasting pecan. Also, shelf life is considerably enhanced. Other processors use a steam or hot water process. This is a quicker way to condition pecans, however, the heat used results in a darker meat, rubbery texture and decreased shelf life. The differences between Cordele's procedures and those of other pecan shellers provide our customers with a consistent premium product they can depend on from one order to the next.

Green Initiatives

Cordele's plant is equipped with a shell burning process which produces the energy required for the sanitizing and drying of pecans, removing the need for natural gas or electricity. The shell burning process has allowed Terri Lynn to save considerable money and minimaly impact the environment. This is the only pecan plant capable of doing this.

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Did You Know?

Our facility in Cordele, Georgia can process 30 million pounds of raw material every year.

Terri Lynn is SQF2000 Level III Cerified.

Terri Lynn is SQF2000 Level III Certified