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Article - How to Effectively Promote Your Fundraiser for Free

The more people who hear about your fundraiser, the greater the opportunity to garner support, and reach your goals! Learn how to take advantage of these free ways to promote you fundraiser.

Posted Nov 19 '19

Free and Low Cost Promotion Tools

Article - Support Our Vets - An Online Fundraising Success Story

We’re proud to share how one of our fundraising partners is using the Terri Lynn Webstore program to make a difference for veterans in need. Here is the Support Our Vets story.

Posted Nov 4 '19

Read the Support Our Vets Story

Article - The Art of the Ask - How to Make an Emotional Connection with Supporters

Learn how to achieve greater fundraising success by weaving the “WHY” into every fundraising ask and connecting emotionally with your supporters and volunteers.

Posted Oct 31 '19

Learn the Art of the Ask

Article - Going the Distance with Your Fundraiser

Do you dream of stress-free success from start to finish? Check out these tips and tools to avoid sleepless nights — and reach and exceed all of your fundraising goals!

Posted Sep 27 '19

Achieve Stress-Free Fundraising

Article - Ten Tips to Fundraising Success

We're offering 10 tips, from start-to-end, that should put you well on your way to achieving your personal fundraising best.

Posted Aug 13 '19

See All 10 Fundraising Tips

Catalogs & Forms

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Download Form - Fundraising Product Catalog

Fundraising Product Catalog

All our premium nuts, gourmet confections, and sweet and savory snack mixes.

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Download Form - SL211 - Sample Rebate Offer

Sample Rebate Offer

When you place your order in the same calendar year you purchase sample products, we will refund the sample cost you paid.

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Download Form - SL214 - State Sales Tax

State Sales Tax and Order Information

If your organization is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and supplies Terri Lynn with a current tax-exempt certificate, then sales tax will not apply to your organization.

Download Download View

Download Form - SL215 - Order Selling Materials

Order Selling Materials

Complete this form and call or fax in your Selling Materials order.

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Download Form - SL225 - Fundraising Programs Brochure

Fundraising Programs Brochure

For over 80 years our proven fundraising programs have raised healthy profits for clubs, schools and organizations nationwide. Experience how easy it is to raise funds selling healthy nuts, snack mixes and confections!

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Download Form - Webstore Guide

Webstore Guide

Terri Lynn Fundraising offers an easy-to-use fundraising online web store program to make your fundraising efforts easier. Getting started is easy, we’ll show you show how.

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Download Form - Webstore Flyer - Editable

Webstore Flyer - Editable

Customize the text on this PDF form to print flyers that promote your fundraising Webstore.

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