Terri Lynn, Inc.

3 Easy Fundraising Programs

To raise money all year long!

1. Our Traditional Case Pack Program

  • Discounts on 12-Pack Case Orders
  • Flexibility on Continued Sales
  • Determine Your Own Pricing and Profits

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2. Our Customized Pick Pack Program

  • Flexibility on Quantities Ordered
  • Orders Packed According to Individual Seller
  • Saves Volunteer’s Time during Product Distribution

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3. Our Web Store Program - Terri Lynn Cares

  • Fast Have your online fundraising store up and running in minutes. It’s fast, free, and as easy as filling out a form.
  • Personalized Add a photo of your group, logo, and a custom message.
  • Always Available Take orders nationwide, 24/7. Share your unique online fundraising store address anywhere.
  • Easy Profits You make 20-40% of each purchase. We handle the order and the shipping.

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New to Terri Lynn Fundraising? Here's how it works...your organization can sell our gourmet nuts, chocolates, dried fruits, and confections at a bazaar or other event, or you can use our color catalog to take orders and send us your totals. In either case, we supply your group with all the tools you need at no charge.

Or you can also take advantage of our new web store, Terri Lynn Cares, that lets you raise money without handling any product!

In addition, Terri Lynn Fundraising features only the highest quality prouducts, attractively packaged at prices that simply can't be beat—low enough to help your group make handsome profits.

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Find out more at www.terrilynnfundraising.com and www.terrilynncares.com.

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