Referrals - Spread the Word Even More

We know the power of word-of-mouth recommendations
So we have introduced our terrific referral program.
Referral Bonus Feature

When you share the love and refer friends, family, or any group to use our fundraising programs, both you and your referral will enjoy exclusive benefits.

Your referral will receive 10% off their first order, while you, as the referrer, will also receive the same dollar value off your next order. It’s a great way to help others achieve their fundraising goals with Terri Lynn products and earn a benefit along the way!

Here's How It Works

Terri Lynn Fundraising includes flexible options to fit your group size, your goals, and how quickly you need to see results.


Step 1

Spread the Word to other chapters, organizations, friends & family about the Terri Lynn Referral Bonus 10% Order Discount.

Step 2

Receive an Email notification when your referral places their first order.


Step 3

Place Your Order with Terri Lynn via phone or email.


Step 4

Receive Your Referral Bonus! The credit will be applied to your order.

See below for applicable terms & conditions.

Here's an Example

Peggy from ABC Social Club refers Janice from First Elementary School to start a fundraiser with Terri Lynn products to raise money for new jerseys for the soccer team.

Janice from First Elementary School conducts a Terri Lynn fundraiser and achieves great success in raising money for the soccer jerseys! She places an order to Terri Lynn for $10,000. She immediately receives $1,000 off her order. And because Peggy from ABC Social Club referred her, ABC Social Club also receives $1,000 off their next order!

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Sweet Deals & Extra Savings For Every Fundraiser

Free Shipping*

Leave more money in your pocket! Products are shipped free of charge for our QUICK START and ORDER TAKING Programs.

Volume Discounts

The more product you buy, the more profit you can make on every sale.

Cash or Check Discount

Receive a 2% discount on all orders paid with cash or check (credit card payments do not apply, full payment only).

Terms and Conditions


Incentives Available

10% off of a net sales Case or Pick Pack order placed by a new customer.

The value of the new customer’s discount applied as a discount off of the net sales of the referee’s next Case or Pick Pack order.

Net Sales Definition / Calculation

The calculation of Net Sales includes the sale of all fundraising products that are shipped during the measurement period and is offset by any returns of fundraising products.

All discounts will be included in the calculation of Net Sales.

Freight and Sales Tax will not be included in the calculation of Net Sales.

Sales/purchases executed through a Terri Lynn Cares Webstore will not be eligible for any incentive discount and will not be included in Net Sales.

Rebate amounts will not be included in the calculation of Net Sales.

PVS' determination/calculation of Net Sales and the rebate amount shall be final and binding upon the purchaser.

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