Easy 5-Step Guide to Starting a Webstore Fundraiser

Your supporters can buy 24/7, and you can simply watch the profits roll in.

Ready for a fundraising experience that’s easy and enjoyable? We hope that’s a resounding “YES!”

Post Date: Sep 5 2023

With a Terri Lynn Webstore Fundraiser, you can start raising money in no time, with minimal volunteer help and contact-free home delivery for your supporters. You’ll enjoy the profits, while they enjoy premium nuts, savory snack mixes and decadent confections from Terri Lynn!

How does it work? We’ve taken the hassle out of fundraising by creating an easy-to-use online platform where your supporters can buy 24/7, and you can simply watch the profits roll in. Set up is fast, and our dedicated team of Fundraising Experts is available to answer all your questions and lend support if needed.

We understand that organizations today are spread thin — which is why we’ve designed a virtual fundraising Webstore experience that’s easy for any cause to adopt and quickly begin raising money online. It’s safe and hands-free, and we’ve got lots of additional tools to help you reach your audience far and wide.

Still not convinced a Terri Lynn Webstore is the right fundraiser for you? Learn more about our Webstore video here. It’s not long, and we promise you can start raising money online in no time!

5 Easy Steps to Raise Money Online with Terri Lynn

simle fundraising program

1. Sign up at TerriLynn.com

Setup is fast, and personalization is simple. All you need to do is go to TerriLynn.com and create an account. Add your organization’s name and address, and then you’ll be directed to your personalized Dashboard where you can upload your cause’s logo, a team photo, a fundraising message and choose your profit margin (20%, 30% or 40%).

The final step is sending a completed W-2 (nonprofits, groups and individuals can all fundraise with Terri Lynn). Once approved, we’ll email you a unique Terri Lynn Fundraising Webstore link to open your online store to begin selling.

You’ll have all the software you need to host an online fundraiser in one place! Our platform takes care of showcasing our full catalog of over 30 premium products, processing payments, and shipping orders to your supporters — so you don’t have to worry about collecting orders, payments or shipments with multiple logins or accounts. The Dashboard is your one-stop fundraising hub!

Need additional training guides or videos to help set up or log into your Terri Lynn Webstore? Find them here.

2. Set a Goal

Every Terri Lynn Webstore has the option of setting a goal — and we highly recommend you do, too! Once you add a fundraising goal, a thermometer tracker will automatically show on your Webstore page for supporters to see. It’s a great way for your team to measure progress, and also for your supporters to be inspired to move the thermometer up, up, up! Once you’ve set a goal, you can also change it anytime (for instance, if you reach your goal and want to keep raising money!).

Need additional training guides or videos to help log into or manage your Terri Lynn Webstore? Find them here.

Tip: Take screenshots of your Webstore thermometer and add them to emails or social media posts throughout your campaign, to give your community updates about your fundraising efforts!

fundraising thermometer

3. Use Our FREE Images & Promotional Tools

We provide every Terri Lynn fundraiser with a FREE Promotion Kit to spread the word about your fundraiser and easily bring in profits. Choose from editable graphics for email, fliers, social media or printing. We also have seasonal graphics available for use during peak holidays and popular fundraising times of the year — springtime, Valentine’s Day, fall, and winter holidays.

seasonal fundraising fliers

Places where you can share and post these easy-to-use graphics include:

  • Social media

  • Email

  • Newsletters

  • Community calendar listings

  • Print ads (like your local newspaper)

  • Text messages

  • Community message boards

We also have product catalogs and brochures to hand out at events or pass along to your neighbors and supporters. Just remember to add your Terri Lynn Webstore link to these brochures so your supporters know where they can buy from you online!

Need additional training guides or videos to help log into or manage your Terri Lynn Webstore? Find them here.

4. Your Customers Receive Their Orders

This step is easy — we take care of home delivery! Your online store will feature 30+ mouth watering products from Terri Lynn, including premium nuts, snack mixes, chocolate-covered confections, and more. There’s no need to pre-order or keep excess inventory on-hand.

Supporters can have their items shipped anywhere in the United States for one flat $5 fee (or get free shipping for orders $30 or more), making it easy for friends, family members, supporters, and snack-lovers to give to your cause from near and far.

Need additional training guides or videos to help log into or manage your Terri Lynn Webstore? Find them here.

5. Get the Profit Checks

Once your supporters start placing orders, you’ll start receiving profit checks in the mail each month — no matter how much yourTerri Lynn Webstore raises. Easy as that! You can view the total amount you’ve raised anytime in your Terri Lynn Dashboard, and then you’ll know how much to expect in your mailed check.

Without the need for hands-on organizing, product delivering, or handling physical money, it’s truly a hassle-free way to take your fundraising efforts to new heights.

Need additional training guides or videos to log in or manage your Terri Lynn Webstore? Find them here.

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Ready To Start Your Terri Lynn Webstore Fundraiser?

The time and overhead costs for a Terri Lynn Webstore is typically much lower than door-to-door sales and in-person fundraising events. Without the need for renting venues, rallying volunteers, pre-purchasing items, and more, your Terri Lynn Webstore fundraiser will meet or exceed all your fundraising goals, with much less effort..

And if you do want to add in-person sales to your fundraiser, that’s easy, too. You can combine any of our Terri Lynn Fundraising Programs to amplify your profit impact and reach your supporters wherever they are — in-person or online, near or far. If you want to know how, just ask. Our team of Fundraising Experts has worked with thousands of organizations to help them reach and exceed their goals with Terri Lynn’s suite of proven programs.

Setting up your online Terri Lynn Webstore couldn’t be easier. Start raising funds ASAP with just a few clicks! Get started at TerriLynn.com today, or call us at 1-800-323-0775.

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