Eight Types of Social Media Posts

Fundraisers Can Share over the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, and now is a wonderful time of year to keep donations coming into your organization to fund holiday initiatives in your community.

Post Date: Nov 16 2020

The holidays are right around the corner! And now is a wonderful time of year to keep donations coming into your organization to fund various holiday initiatives in your community.

This season, holiday-lovers are expected to celebrate at home more than ever, and to also buy and send their gifts online. They’ll be connecting through virtual avenues when they can’t be together in person, and sharing their family traditions and celebrations on social media.

Fortunately, there’s a virtual buffet of opportunities for your fundraising organization to reach your audience on social media, too. While your supporters are spending more hours engaging online, you’ll find that now can be a great time to catch their attention, make an impression and boost your fundraising returns before the end of the year.

To help with ideas for getting the word out during this generous time of the year, we’ve curated a list of social media posts and themes that can help you increase your Terri Lynn Fundraiser sales and be at the top of your supporters’ gift giving lists this holiday season. (Feel free to copy and paste text from any of the examples below, and edit it to suit your organization.)

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1. Annual Impact Reports

The end of the year is an excellent time to share your fundraising progress during the previous 12 months, whether it’s the dollar amount you’ve raised, the projects you’ve completed, or the partners you’ve welcomed. These posts can go a long way in communicating the ways in which you are supporting your local community.

Annual Impact Report Example:

Your support in 2020 means the world to us! Through our fundraising efforts this year, we’ve been able to raise $_______(dollar amount) to help ________ (mission). You’re helping us to make a BIG difference!

2. “Did you know…?”

Share the work your fundraising team has accomplished with a series of posts related to your mission, your community partners, and exciting statistics. Invite your followers to learn more about the story behind your fundraising efforts, and connect them with the true meaning of their support.

“Did you know…?” Example:

Did you know we are able to help_________(number people/animals/etc.) every year? Your Terri Lynn purchases allow us to continue our mission of ______________(brief description about your cause). It gives us lots of holiday cheer!

3. Your Webstore Link

Terri Lynn’s free Webstore program makes it easy for your organization to raise money online, without touching any product!

Fundraisers can share their Webstore’s unique URL via email or on social media to reach their goals faster. Here's an example:

We’re making holiday gift-giving easier than ever this year! Send the premium gift of Terri Lynn nuts, confections and snacks to everyone on your holiday list, no matter where in the U.S. they live. Visit our Webstore, shop online any time, and help to support our mission! (link)

Example of a Webstore Post

Remember, you’ll want to make your Webstore link easy to find and access by:

4. Recipe Ideas

If your team has holiday baking recipe ideas to share (especially ones that include the premium pecans, walnuts, cashews and almonds only found in your Terri Lynn fundraiser), get ready to spread the word about your sale! There’s no time like the holidays for cooking and baking at home with family.

You can also reach out to your social media followers for their favorite recipe ideas! Try a post asking for recipe submissions or photos (they can add them in the comments), and announce your top favorite dish along with a holiday gift for the winner.

Recipe Post Example:

Love baking around the holidays? We do too! Comment here with a photo of your favorite dish using Terri Lynn ingredients (nuts, apricots, granola...you name it!), and we’ll choose a winner to receive a special holiday gift from our team after we have met our fundraising goal of ($___).

5. Movie and Snack Pairings

While your community is staying cozy indoors this season, recommend your followers purchase nostalgic snacks from your Terri Lynn Fundraiser (such as our Deluxe Mixed Nuts or Colossal Pistachios) to pair with their favorite holiday movies.

Our recommendations? We like Cranberry Almond Granola with “Elf” (for a boost of energy), or the Harvest Medley Mix with “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” (full of traditional reds and greens).

What’s your favorite holiday movie? We’ve got snack mixes for sale from our annual Terri Lynn Fundraiser to cozy up with while you catch up on your annual feel-good films. We recommend stocking up on …

Movie Snack Pairing Example

6. Virtual Celebration Ideas

Since celebrations are going to look a little different for most people this year, it’s a great time to lend ideas for connecting and being together in virtual form. Post ideas for watching movies together online, singing holiday carols, or joining in a virtual feast with the same Terri Lynn snacks for everyone. Here's an

Virtual Celebration Example:

While you’re Zooming with family over the holidays, try connecting in new ways! You can all watch the same movie together, play trivia games or sing songs (But don’t forget to order everyone their own bag of Terri Lynn Spicy Party Mix from your church’s fundraiser!).

7. Call for Volunteers in the New Year

While your supporters are making their plans and resolutions for the year ahead, it can be the perfect opportunity to let them know how they can help further your mission through volunteer hours.

Make a list of ways your volunteers can help in 2021, and remember to include things people can do from home, too. Graphic design, media outreach, outbound phone calls, social media posts...these are all stay-at-home ways that new volunteers can lend a hand.

Example of how to ask for volunteer help:

Planning for 2021? We are, too! We have lots of volunteer opportunities available (many working from home), and we’d love for you to join us in making a difference! Contact us at (____fill in person’s name or phone number)

8. Thank You Posts

Any time of the year is a great time to thank your community & supporters. But, there’s something truly special about spreading goodwill over the holidays. Consider a ‘gratitude’ series thanking the special people in your organization, community partners, and top supporters.

Social Media "Thank You" Post Examples:

As we look back on the last year, we’re so thankful for the support and goodwill of our community. We’re going to spend the next few weeks sharing our gratitude for those who have helped make 2020 a year to remember...in a good way!

We are going to start off our ‘Gratitude posts’ by thanking our Fundraising Chairperson (insert name)________. You and your team contributed $x in 2020 (insert profit dollars from Terri Lynn fundraiser sale) toward our organization’s cause to (insert short description on what money was raised for - i.e., scholarship fund, school supplies, sports equipment, etc.)___________________.

Thank You Post Example

Wrap Up 2020 with a Social Media ‘Bow’

Your community and supporters can be especially generous during the holidays, making it the perfect time to raise funds for your worthy cause. And with many people spending extended time at home and online, it’s an ideal time to reach out to them with social media messages that drive awareness of your end-of-year fundraisers.

Inspire your supporters to find joy in the small things this holiday season, like their favorite Terri Lynn high-quality nut, confection, snack and baking ingredients. And encourage them to stay connected with their community by supporting your organization’s good work over the holidays.

Happy holidays from all of us at Terri Lynn Fundraising

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