How to Raise Funds Using Your Email

with Terri Lynn's Order Taking Program

Terri Lynn has an Order Taking Fundraiser program especially designed for EMAIL so you can still raise money safely and successfully using this new program!

Post Date: Sep 24 2020

We understand the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the fundraising environment. Many foolproof fundraising methods of the past are “off the table” this year. Unfortunately, many organizations have had to cancel their events, and are unable to raise funds in person.

But here’s the GOOD NEWS: Terri Lynn has an Order Taking Fundraiser program especially designed for EMAIL. You can still raise money safely and successfully using this new program!

Email Can Be VERY Effective, Here’s How:

Yes, you can hold a fundraiser by reaching out to your supporters using email — and we have just the tools you need to make it a success. We’ve recreated all of the Terri Lynn Fundraising materials for our Order Taking program, in an electronic form. Now we offer our Order Form and beautiful Color Brochure in an easy-to-use, email-ready format.

  • NO need to scroll through a lengthy order form, or copy and paste from a website.
  • NO need to convert files.
  • NO socially distanced selling required.
  • NO losing out on raising funds during this critical Fall season!

So Easy Anyone Can Do It!

Best of all, you don’t have to be a computer scientist to use our Email Order Taking Fundraiser program. Simply have your volunteers attach the order form file to your fundraiser promotion emails — just like you would send photos or documents. Your supporters will be inclined to place an order to support your cause when they see the tempting premium nuts, savory snack mixes, and decadent confections — right in their email inbox on their computer or on their cell phone.

Plus, there is NO up-front cost to your group — NO purchasing product ahead of time — NO excess inventory to deal with. You collect the payment from your supporters when they place their orders. Then send the order forms and one check or credit card payment to Terri Lynn.

These advantages appealed to one of our longtime fundraising customers...

The Tri Kappa Valparaiso, Iota Chapter, has been fundraising with Terri Lynn products “for as long as they can remember” — about 40 years! They’ve always held their Terri Lynn “Nut Sale” fundraiser in September, so their supporters receive orders “in time for Thanksgiving baking sprees and holiday gifts.”

There’s still a need to raise funds for scholarships and their charitable grants... so this year, to comply with health and safety guidelines, Tri Kappa Valpo is doing their September sale entirely with email. Terri Lynn customer service is working closely with their organization to ensure their Email Order Taking Fundraiser goes according to plan — and we can do the same for your group!

Even if your organization is not as large as this Tri Kappa chapter (80 members!), Terri Lynn customer service is willing to go ‘above and beyond’ to help your group. We’ll work with you personally, to best use our programs to raise funds safely and easily — to reach and exceed your goals.

Raise Money By Email

How does the Email Order Taking Fundraiser program work?

  1. First your group chooses the profit margin that works best for your community: 20%, 30%, or 40%. Then you contact Terri Lynn’s customer service department at 1-800-323-0775 and ask for the electronic forms that match the profit percentage you chose. (Please remember your final total will be taxed, unless you’ve provided sales tax exemption certification.)
  2. Next, have your group members and volunteers EMAIL the order form and brochure to their friends, family, neighbors, coworkers... Once your supporters select their items to purchase, they email their completed form back to your organization member with payment.
  3. Your last step is to send all the individual group members’ order forms — by email OR print and regular mail — back to Terri Lynn customer service. Once your check or credit card payment is received, your order will be processed.

Free Shipping & Orders Custom Packed

With the Email Order Taking Fundraiser, you maximize your profits... there’s no worrying about added shipping expenses, because we send all the individual group members’ orders to your organization’s address, free of charge when you meet our 24 unit order minimum.

And you save time too! No need to unbox cases and sort the product into multiple packages. We’ll custom pack according to each seller’s exact order, and ship to you for distribution.

You also have more peace of mind: fundraising by email means not having to sell product face-to-face, while trying to maintain safe social-distancing. And there’s no need to carry around a paper form and take orders in person. Terri Lynn premium products are packaged with meticulous attention to food safety, and your sellers’ orders are individually custom packed according to each of the order forms we receive with your organization’s order.

Tips For Success With Your Email Order Taking Fundraiser

It’s easy to get started on an Email Order Taking Fundraiser by requesting the electronic forms from one our customer service experts. And the Terri Lynn website has lots of free resources to help you promote — and make your Email Order Taking Fundraiser the best it can be.

For example, it’s always a good idea to include some details about your cause in the emails you send out. Remind your supporters that with their purchase, they’re a part of something that makes the world a better place. And don’t forget to attach the Terri Lynn electronic order form and brochure!

Terri Lynn is ready to help you get through this difficult year... Contact our fundraising experts by email or by phone at 1-800-323-0775 to get a customized fundraising plan, and get started with our easy programs.

P.S. You can also set up a safe, virtual, contactless fundraiser with a FREE personalized online Webstore — for raising funds this Fall and all year long.

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