Five Outreach Ideas for Your Church Fundraiser

Making a difference in your congregation and your community

Running a successful fundraiser for your church takes a dedicated team, thoughtful planning, and a great fundraising product that delights parishioners and community members. At Terri Lynn, we have proven ways to help with all three!

Post Date: Aug 7 2022

We understand that fundraising not only ensures a church’s financial viability, but it’s also an opportunity to bring your community together for a good cause. So we offer Terri Lynn fundraising programs and products to make your next event both easy and fun for all involved — and we’ve got tips for boosting your fundraising efforts, too.

We’ve helped lots of church groups raise money over the decades, and here are some of their reasons for hosting a fundraiser selling Terri Lynn’ premium nuts, snack mixes and confections:

  • Sponsoring kids to attend summer church camp

  • Financial support for mission trips

  • Hosting a church-sponsored free community event

  • Putting together food baskets during the holidays

  • Helping a local family in need

  • Special end-of-year gifts for missionaries and families

Whether you’re planning to host an annual or ongoing event, or you’re gathering funds on the fly for an immediate need, we’ve got ideas to get the word out to your congregation and your community for your next church fundraiser.

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5 Outreach Ideas for Your Next Fundraiser

1. Church Newsletter & Bulletin

Does your church send a weekly email blast? Or a monthly printed bulletin? These are two perfect avenues for putting your fundraising efforts directly in front of your fellow parishioners’ eyes. We provide a free Terri Lynn Promotions Toolkit with ready-made graphics that you can include to showcase the premium nuts, snacks and treats available with a Terri Lynn fundraiser.

Other details you’ll want to include:

  • The date(s) of your fundraiser

  • Your fundraising goal and purpose

  • How and where people can buy (online through our free Terri Lynn Webstore program, or in-person with our Quick Start or Order-Taking programs).

2. Facebook Groups

Some church groups use Facebook Groups for communicating about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, weekly gatherings…and fundraisers! Be sure to share your fundraising information here, where your church members are regularly getting notifications and checking in.

It’s great to remind everyone that any purchase helps. From a single bag of premium nuts to gift tins for the holidays, all proceeds add up to one big, successful fundraiser.

3. Holiday Events

Wrap up your fundraiser with a big upcoming holiday event, like a Christmas food drive or Easter potluck. You can plan to fundraise leading up to the main event, and then make your exciting announcement about funds raised when your congregation is gathered together. Or, use the special occasion to set up a table and sell in-person to everyone who attends.

Either way, it’s a great time to piggyback your fundraiser announcement with other messages that are reaching your church members during the holidays, whether it’s via email, text, or printed newsletters.

4. Volunteer Events

If you’re planning a group volunteer event or day of giving, keep the feel-good spirit alive by announcing your fundraising plans and mission, too. This is also a great time to recruit volunteers for your Terri Lynn fundraiser. While raising money is easy with our three Terri Lynn programs, there are so many additional roles people can fill to boost your efforts! Ask for help with promoting and direct outreach, organizing the inventory of boxes of nuts and snacks from our Quick Start program, or delivering orders to sellers from our Order Taking program.

5. Digital Slides & Flyers

If your church uses a digital display (like a large TV or projector) to share news and updates, it’s a perfect place to drop in fundraiser announcements, too. Use the premade graphics in our handy Terri Lynn Promotions Kit to give your announcement an eye-catching visual, and include the important information like date, time, fundraising goal, and how to purchase or participate.

You can also use graphics in the Promotion Kit to print paper flyers that can be taped to community announcement boards and building entrances, or even the storefronts of church members who are open to spreading the word at their businesses, too.

Plan Your Most Successful Fundraiser Yet

The best fundraiser is one that best suits your church, community, and congregation. At Terri Lynn, we make it easy to raise funds and get all members of your church involved in giving — without a significant barrier to entry. Purchases of any size will help you move closer to your financial goal!

Invite your church community to participate by enjoying delicious premium snacks and treats, and raise money for your next important cause together.

When you’re ready to start, we’re here to help! Schedule a free fundraising consultation today.

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