Get Creative with Safe, Socially-Distanced Fundraisers

Some of the same steps you’d normally take to fundraise (communication, order-taking, and delivery) can be done in a safe, no-contact way. You just need a little determination and a dash of creativity.

Post Date: Jul 1 2020

In response to the pandemic, our local governments and public health officials have recommended social-distancing and mask-wearing to mitigate the spread of the virus. Implementing smart strategies is superb plan for your organization’s fundraising, too!

Some of the same steps you’d normally take to fundraise — communication, order-taking, and delivery — can be done in a safe, no-contact way. You just need a little determination and a dash of creativity.

Keep Up Communication with Your Fundraising Contacts

Keep Up The Communication

Empathize with your supporters — we all have been affected by the pandemic in some way or another. Now, more than ever, is the time for people to show kindness, show they care. Bring the love! Ask supporters for their help with your campaign’s cause. And in turn, make sure they know how much you appreciate them. Aim to have your fundraising communications cultivate caring... move your supporters from their couches to the cause!

Now comes the “fun” part of your fundraiser: cooking up an engaging campaign that is safe for your organization’s volunteers AND safe for your supporters who purchase products.

Rely On and Increase Your Digital Strategies to Take Orders

Consider holding virtual fundraising events!

Maybe your organization would like to try a 48-hour or one week “Flash” Product Sale using email... or an online talent show or “telethon” to bring in orders? Is there a chef in your group? Filming them giving a virtual cooking demo using the Terri Lynn nuts and snacks your group sells, might be a fun way to get orders to flow into your personalized Terri Lynn Webstore.

Social Distance Fundraising with No Contact Delivery
Safe, No Contact Fundraising

No-Contact Product Delivery For Everyone’s Safety

Once you’ve taken all the orders for your Terri Lynn fundraiser or purchased our delicious products for your group to sell — it’s time for delivery, to get the treats to your supporters, safely. These solutions from a couple of our current fundraising customers might give you some ideas:

  1. IDEA 1: An elementary school in New York had placed a large product order right when the shelter-in-place rules went into effect. They did not want to lose the profits for their cause — and didn’t want to disappoint their supporters either. They devised a plan for their volunteers to pick up their Terri Lynn Fundraising orders from a member’s open garage. Masks were worn, pickup times were staggered, and it was all accomplished as safe as can be!
  2. IDEA 2: Another smaller community group had a number of orders to be distributed. A delivery day was decided on, and one person (with a big trunk) was the designated driver. Using gloves and a mask, all the tasty Terri Lynn Fundraising products were dropped off on doorsteps — no face-to-face contact.

Open A “Customized Contactless Webstore”

Of course, our FREE personalized Webstore program allows you the option to hold a hands-free fundraiser all day, every day of the year. You set up your personalized Webstore with your cause information, logo, and select a profit percentage. We take online orders on your behalf and ship products directly to your supporters via USPS delivery. There is no cost to your organization and profit checks will be mailed to you each month. All you have to do is promote your cause and Webstore.

Your organization could also try a Facebook Live or Zoom event —or even a Netflix Party: these events can strengthen your communitywhile you fundraise virtually. Add links to your Webstore in the event invitation, and make your Webstore links available during the online event.

Raise Funds Safely Now

Don’t wait to create your own recipe for fundraiser success, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. As an essential infrastructure company, Terri Lynn continues to operate with unsurpassed quality, and is ready to be your fundraising partner. For more information about how our QUICK START, ORDER TAKING, or WEBSTORE programs can work safely for your organization, simply contact one of our friendly fundraising group specialists at 1-800-323-0775 or email

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