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Set the cruise-control, sit back, and enjoy the fundraising ride.

We’ve designed our online Terri Lynn Webstore program to help you fundraise virtually 24/7, every day of the year.

Post Date: Sep 13 2022

Set the cruise-control, sit back, and enjoy the fundraising ride with your Terri Lynn Fundraising Webstore!

We realize a lot goes into running a successful fundraising campaign. And the more things you can move off your plate, the better. That’s why we’ve designed our online Terri Lynn Webstore program to help you fundraise virtually 24/7, every day of the year. Swap door-to-door fundraising for automations and ease — and save yourself time, money and resources.

Or, you can combine online fundraising with door-to-door fundraising to expand your reach, bolster your efforts, and offer multiple ways for your community to give to your cause!

Here are some of the ways a Terri Lynn Webstore can set your fundraiser on autopilot, so your cause can be raising money while you spend more time focusing on your organization’s good cause.

fundraising autopilot

Set Raising Money on Autopilot with Your Terri Lynn Webstore

Get monthly profit checks

Profit checks from Terri Lynn Webstore sales are mailed monthly, regardless of how much you’ve raised. There’s nothing extra you need to do here — once you’ve completed the Webstore set up (which takes about 10-15 minutes) and then submitted your W-9 for review, your Webstore will open. Terri Lynn will begin automatically sending profit checks every month following your first Webstore sale.

It’s that easy! You can check on orders and view the total amount you have raised anytime in your Terri Lynn Fundraising Dashboard. Then you’ll know how much to expect in your mailed profit check!

Tip: You choose your profit margins when you open your Webstore. When you choose 20%, 30% or 40%, the product prices on your Webstore will be updated to reflect your chosen amount.

Offer hands-free shipping and receipts

Nothing extra for you or your team to do here. When your supporters order delicious Terri Lynn snacks and treats through your Webstore, their orders are shipped automatically. There’s no need for you to orchestrate delivery, collect or track payments, or organize order paperwork and deliveries, plus your supporters will get order and shipping tracking automatically sent to their email addresses.

Tip: Let your supporters know that shipping is free when they buy $30 or more of premium Terri Lynn nuts, mixes and confections through your Webstore.

Set a fundraising goal

When you set a goal for your fundraiser, a progress bar will automatically appear on your Terri Lynn Webstore page, and on your Fundraising Dashboard. The bar will update in real-time to show visitors to your Terri Lynn Webstore how close you are to reaching your goal with every order. It’s a great tool for showing your community the progress you’ve made already, and to encourage them to push you past the goal line.

Fundraising Goal Thermometer

Tip: Choose a goal that meets your needs, feels realistic and attainable, and excites your supporters!

Recruit supporters directly from your Fundraising Dashboard

Emailing is easy straight from your Terri Lynn Fundraising Dashboard — there’s no need to leave with built-in messaging. When you use our provided email and texting tools, you can simply write your message, paste in your unique Webstore link, and send it out to your contacts’ emails or phone numbers.

Tip: Message your supporters regularly to keep them engaged. Let them know when your Webstore opens, when you’ve met the halfway point, when you’re almost there, and when they’ve launched you past your fundraising goal!

Print a fillable flier

When you start a fundraiser with Terri Lynn, you’ll get access to our Promotions Kit full of easily-customizable graphics, including a fillable flier. Just download, add your organization’s name, and then print — voila, all set! When you don’t have a full-time designer on hand, this is a really handy way of delivering professional-quality promotional materials on the go.

Tip: It’s a flier so nice, you’ll want to use it twice! Once you print your flier, you can also go digital and drop it into the body of an email, along with a link to your Webstore.

Send customizable thank you letters

When you log into your Terri Lynn Fundraising Dashboard, you’ll see a list of recent purchasers. Simply click the “Thank” link next to their names, and a message box will open for you to send a personalized message of gratitude. You can also see how much their purchase contributed to your fundraiser, and thank them for their giving amount.

Tip: Here’s some Thank You messaging you can use:

Hi (Name),

Thank you for supporting our cause! We’re raising funds for (your cause/organization) and your purchase is really helpful for getting us closer to our goal of (what you are raising the money to be used towards). It means a lot to us!

If you could pass along our fundraiser link to others you think would enjoy delicious Terri Lynn snacks and treats, we’d really appreciate it, too. Here it is: (insert link)

We know you’ll love your order when it arrives — thanks again!

(Your name)

Connect your Facebook account

Posting to Facebook is easy when you connect your group, business, or personal page. Under the Promote My Fundraiser tab of your dashboard, you’ll see a link to connect your account and create a message about your Terri Lynn Webstore. When you have news to share (like a big milestone being reached!), you can let your Facebook community know and encourage them to share it to their friends, too.

Tip: Be sure to include your Terri Lynn Webstore link in Facebook posts so your supporters and their networks can easily click and buy. Here’s some sample text:

Hey friends! Check out our new Terri Lynn Fundraising Webstore, now open! (link) A portion of every sale supports our cause, plus we know you’ll love the delicious nuts, snacks and treats delivered right to your door. It’s easy to shop online and support us anytime! And if you can help share our link with your friends and family, we’d really appreciate it, too.

Start Fundraising with a Terri Lynn Webstore

If you’re ready to run an easy, profitable fundraiser, your next step is to sign up to create your very own Terri Lynn Webstore. It’s free, simple to use, and full of automations to take some of the busy work off your hands. Here’s what one happy fundraiser had to say about raising money with Terri Lynn:

“We look forward to our Terri Lynn Fundraiser every year! Our customers keep coming back and asking for more. You can’t find better quality anywhere.” - George S.

Get in touch to learn more from one of our Fundraising Experts directly, or watch this Webstore Dashboard video to preview the features you have at your fingertips when you fundraise online with Terri Lynn.

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