Make the Most of Holiday Fundraising in 2022

We’re taking the question marks out of this year’s biggest fundraising dates.

Throughout the year, holidays are times of celebrations, gatherings, and nostalgia. And food!

Post Date: Jan 6 2022

The new year is a time to reflect, regroup, and plan for a banner fundraising year ahead! Here we are in the first chapter of 2022 - what story will your fundraising group write throughout the year? If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas, the holidays are a great place to start!

Why holidays? Throughout the year, holidays are times of celebrations, gatherings, and nostalgia. And food! Think of Grandma’s Easter rolls, or Mom’s holiday snack table. Food is a gesture of love and community - making your fundraiser with Terri Lynn premium nuts, snack mixes and treats an excellent fit.

We’re taking the question marks out of this year’s holiday planning with calendar dates, order cut-offs, and product recommendations below. We recommend identifying your top fundraising holidays now, marking your calendar, and then starting to plan for a productive 2022 with Terri Lynn!

valentines day chocolates

Valentine's Day

February 14, 2022

We heart this first big fundraising holiday of the year. Terri Lynn has something for every sweet tooth on everyone’s favorite day of chocolate! Remind your supporters that they can delight their loved ones with Terri Lynn chocolates and candy, while also sharing the love with your organization.

Recommended Products: Dark Chocolate Cranberries, Milk Chocolate Pecan Clusters

Order Cut-off for Holiday Delivery: January 31, 2022

St. Patrick's Day
March 17, 2022

Turn the luck of the Irish into an extra lucky fundraising day for your group! St. Patrick’s Day is all about fun, which means you can be catchy, creative, or clever with your marketing materials. Think about hosting a Shamrock-themed baking contest with Terri Lynn signature nuts, or sharing your favorite ways to use Terri Lynn snack mixes in a party-sized charcuterie board.

Recommended Products: Naturally Flavored Mint Chocolates, Honey Roasted Peanuts

Order Cut-off for Holiday Delivery: March 3, 2022

honey roasted cashews


April 17, 2022

Easter comes along right when we’re all ready to shed our winter coats and start gathering together outdoors again. It’s also a great time to rally your community around a common cause. Some fun Easter-themed ideas include Terri Lynn baskets full of signature mixes, or even hosting a community picnic with Terri Lynn treats on the table.

Recommended Products: Milk Chocolate Bridge Mix, Honey Roasted Cashews

Order Cut-off for Holiday Delivery: April 1, 2022

Mother's Day
May 8, 2022

There are a handful of gifts moms love most on Mother’s day: handmade art, chocolates, and food cooked by loved ones. Terri Lynn can help with the latter two! Mother’s Day is a great time to sell chocolates for gifting to Mom, or promoting premium nuts as the perfect addition to a family-made dinner or dessert (while Mom relaxes with her feet up).

Recommended Products: Turkish Apricots,
Dark Chocolate Almonds

Order Cut-off for Holiday Delivery: April 22, 2022

summer party snack mix

Memorial Day

May 30, 2022

The kick-off to summer warrants celebrating! This long holiday weekend is a great time to sell snacks, trail mixes, and premium nuts that your supporters can enjoy at their first neighborhood barbecue of the season.

Recommended Products: Sweet & Salty Trail Mix, Deluxe Mix

Order Cut-off for Holiday Delivery: May 16, 2022

Father's Day
June 19, 2022

We all know…the way to Dad’s heart is through his stomach. Plan your Father’s Day fundraiser with the snacks and treats dads love (and also love to share with their families and pals).

Recommended Products: Spicy Party Mix, Fancy Colossal Pistachios

Order Cut-off for Holiday Delivery: June 3, 2022

Independence Day
July 4, 2022

This midsummer celebration is a great time to hop on your supporters’ radar with snacks that pair perfectly with Fourth of July barbeques and picnics. Make fundraising sparks fly with a table at your community center or parade, or set up shop at your local grocery store where everyone’s headed for burger-makings (a bag of Terri Lynn nuts is sure to be the perfect addition to the neighborhood potluck).

Recommended Products: Gummy Bears, Giant Cashews

Order Cut-off for Holiday Delivery: June 20, 2022

fall fundraising mix

Labor Day
September 5, 2022

Wrap up the summer with a fundraiser all about heading back to school! Terri Lynn mixes make the perfect addition to lunch boxes and sports activities (and snack bowls for parents headed back to work after summer vacations). Think of ways you can involve your school district or local sports venue as partners.

Recommended Products: Almond Cranberry Granola, Sweet & Salty Trail Mix

Order Cut-off for Holiday Delivery: August 22, 2022

October 31, 2022

Fundraising at Halloween isn’t spooky at all! Get sweet rewards with a fundraiser that focuses on the fun of the season. Bring out your inner kid with a fundraising theme focused on treats, or use the holiday as an opportunity to promote the baking season that lies ahead. Remember, it’s a holiday all about being a good neighbor, so use it as a time to spread the word about your good cause!

Recommended Products: Harvest Medley Mix, Milk Chocolate Peanuts

Order Cut-off for Holiday Delivery: October 16, 2022

Thanksgiving Day
November 24, 2022

Does your family love pecan pie on Thanksgiving Day? Or sweet potato casserole with candied pecans sprinkled on top? How about pumpkin walnut bread for breakfast? Terri Lynn gourmet nuts blend perfectly with the nostalgia of this food-focused holiday. Consider planning your fundraiser for the weeks ahead of the big day, as your supporters are out and about getting their big shopping trips wrapped up.

Recommended Products: Mixed Chocolate Cranberries, Praline Pecan Halves

Order Cut-off for Holiday Delivery: November 3, 2022

deluxe holiday tin

Christmas Day
December 25, 2022

Buddy the Elf said it best - the main food group during the holidays is candy! And it’s no coincidence that Terri Lynn premium snacks and treats fit perfectly into stockings. Plan a holiday-season fundraiser where your supporters can purchase their loved ones’ favorite goodies, and give the gift of Terri Lynn!

Recommended Products: Gourmet Deluxe Mix Gift Tin, Deluxe Tower Gift Set

Order Cut-off for Holiday Delivery: December 2, 2022

New Year’s Eve
December 31, 2022

While New Year’s resolutions are on everyone’s mind, plan a fundraiser to get them set up with the nuts and healthy mixes they’ll reach for in the coming months. Almonds are full of vitamin E, cashews have heart-healthy fats, and apricots are rich in vitamin A. All are great and tasty ingredients for a healthy start to the year!

Recommended Products: Healthy Mix, Light Walnut Halves & Pieces

Order Cut-off for Holiday Delivery: December 16, 2022

Start Planning for Tasty Profits in 2022

When you combine holidays with our suite of fundraising programs and seasonal Terri Lynn products, the possibilities are endless. Get in the celebrating spirit and start planning now for your fundraisers’ products, location, partners, volunteers, and promotional materials in the year ahead.

And if you want to run ideas by our team of Fundraising Experts, it’s what we’re here for. We can share what other Terri Lynn fundraisers are doing to make the most of the holidays, and get you set up with the program (or combination of programs) that will fit best with your fundraising group and goals in 2022.

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