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Post Date: May 30 2024

“How do we promote our fundraiser?”

It’s a question our Terri Lynn customers ask time after time, and one that we’re happy to answer! Factors like your fundraising program type (Quick Start, Order Taking or Webstore), your community’s familiarity with your cause, volunteer numbers, event location and more all play into a successful promotion plan.

One constant remains true: fundraising flyers are a time-tested method for promoting your event and good cause. Flyers are one of the oldest marketing tools in the book, and for good reason. An attractive graphic paired with a strong call to action is a recipe for outreach success.

Whether you’re planning to print and distribute flyers, or post them digitally to social media channels and emails, we’ve got tips and tools for making your fundraising flyers compelling and effective.

simle fundraising program

Ways to Use Fundraising Flyers

Most of us are familiar with the sight of community posting boards chock-full of tacked-up flyers. There are actually far more places and spaces to distribute your fundraising flyers, and lots of reasons to use them, too.

While you’re in the planning stages of your fundraiser, consider these flyer uses:

  1. Advertising for an in-person event

  2. Providing a sales tool for volunteers

  3. Announcing a save-the-date for your event

  4. Recruiting volunteers and sponsors

  5. Spreading the word about a special program or campaign

4 Best Practices for Using Fundraising Flyers

1. Keep it simple

Flyers have been around for hundreds of years, and in the first days of the printing press we can assume they were pretty simple…and they worked! Streamlined is best for this golden marketing tool, and the more focused you are, the better your audience will be able to absorb the information.

When creating your fundraising flyer, don’t overwhelm your viewers with too much information. The key highlights should include:

  • Your fundraiser or organization name

  • Date, time and location of your fundraiser

  • A call to action (how to buy, attend or support)

  • A quick blurb about your cause and impact
terri lynn fundraising flyer

2. Go digital

Make your flyer creation free and reduce waste by going digital, or supplement printed flyers with digital versions for email, texting and social media. You can save on printing costs and grab your audience’s attention 24/7 while they’re scrolling their news feeds.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use digital flyers:

  • Include your flyer as an attachment in emails, and encourage your contacts to forward the messages to their friends and families.

  • Attach your digital flyer as an image for online community calendars.

  • Include a digital flyer with press releases you send about your fundraising event.

  • Post your flyer to your social media pages.

  • Send a flyer via text volunteers and top supporters.

  • Display your flyer on a digital screen at an event (like a slideshow or projector screen).

Remember, if you’re hosting a fundraiser via our online Webstore program, be sure to include a link to your store where your audience can purchase Terri Lynn products and support your cause!

3. Choose where to distribute flyers

While shopping centers and community boards get a lot of walk-by traffic, it’s also possible that your flyer may get lost in the mix with others. There are loads of out-of-the-box ways our Terri Lynn fundraising groups distribute flyers to their communities.

Here are some that stand out:

  • Direct mail — sending flyers and fundraiser cover letters in an envelope to addresses within your local zip codes.

  • Business offices — posting flyers with community partners and sponsors, in front windows, drive-thrus or office waiting areas.

  • Student folders — for school fundraisers, sending kids home with flyers in homework folders or parent packets.

  • Newspaper inserts — purchasing an advertising package from the local newspaper to include in door-to-door distribution.

  • Retail bags — partnering with a retail business to drop flyers into customers’ shopping bags at the register.

free fundraising flyers

4. Hop on seasonal trends

Get into the spirit of the season with flyers that incorporate themes like holidays, celebrations and more. In addition to year-round flyers, we offer a free Seasonal Promotion Kit with customizable graphics that play to some of the biggest fundraising opportunities throughout the year:

  • Valentine’s Day — did someone say “chocolate?”

  • Spring fundraising — perfect for Easter and Mother’s Day

  • Fall fundraising — everyone goes nuts for fall recipes and back-to-school events

  • End-of-year giving — for the most wonderful and generous time of the year

seasonal fundraising fliers

Get your free fundraising flyer resources

Spread the word about your cause (and easily bring in profits!) with our ready-to-use Promo Kit full of fundraising flyers and customizable graphics. Use the templates to your advantage! Make your marketing materials shine with nothing but a little customizing and some thoughtful distribution.

We also have a team of dedicated experts on hand to answer your big questions about fundraising success. Whether you’re in need of general fundraiser tips or information about our proven Terri Lynn programs, you can visit our Contact page, or call us at (800) 323-0775.

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