Say Hello to the New and Improved Terri Lynn Fundraising

Our fresh, clean, new package design honors our brand legacy and it’s also the beginning of many more good works to come. We’re feeling optimistic and looking ahead to effective fundraising.

Post Date: Jul 9 2020

2020 has been full of transition and improvements, and one welcome and exciting change is the transformation of the Terri Lynn Fundraising logo and packaging. This new look is a re-dedication to our ongoing mission:

  1. To deliver exceptional quality product, and
  2. To provide expert Customer Service, for your organization to raise money as quickly and easily as possible.


Terri Lynn has had the same logo and packaging design for close to 20 years — and it’s been well-loved. We’ve been bringing smiles to the faces of so many people, who’ve opened up our products and enjoyed some of the most premium nuts, confections, and snack mixes in the world!

Our fresh, clean, new package design honors our brand legacy and it’s also the beginning of many more good works to come. We’re feeling optimistic and looking ahead to effective Fall fundraising despite current COVID difficulties. We’re ready to continue partnering with praiseworthy groups — to help you SAFELY and SUCCESSFULLY raise funds for terrific causes.

Terri Lynn Old and New Packaging


What’s different? A little tweaking and freshening-up to keep pace with the changing marketplace our fundraising customers operate in today. We’ve updated our logo with a refined color palette: a luxury appearance that reflects the premium quality of our nuts and snacks… sure to appeal to your supporters, leading them to buy more.

We also cleaned up and invigorated the typography. Our new handwritten name feels more personal and friendly, think of it as the “signature” of our experienced and attentive staff members. It’s a premium, artisanal, deluxe look your supporters will love — and you’ll raise more money when they buy more products as a result!


Along with our refreshed, more modern look, we’ve upgraded the Terri Lynn “toolbox.” We’re embracing a new generation of technology, and have added outstanding NEW online tools designed to make managing a Terri Lynn fundraiser easier for you. That’s right, to accompany the refreshed Terri Lynn new look, we’ve modernized and upgraded the capabilities of our entire website.

Now when you create an online account, your organization’s Terri Lynn fundraiser dashboard can handle ordering cases of product, or managing a personalized virtual Terri Lynn Webstore, all from the same simple-to-use Terri Lynn fundraiser dashboard. And features like tax-exempt ordering can be completed right from your Terri Lynn fundraiser dashboard — when it’s convenient for your schedule, not ours.


Premium and Fresh are among our top priorities. We still maintain our very high standards for a fresher, premium-grade, SAFE fundraising product. Your order contains delicious nuts, snacks, and confection treats that are second-to-none — no matter which version of our logo is on the package. If it says Terri Lynn, it’s premium quality. It’s a truly special fundraising product that practically sells itself!

We’re also concerned about the community where we operate our business; so rather than throwing our old logo packaging into a landfill, we’re using it up. With over 38 products in our lineup, this process of using current packaging material — then switching to new — may take a little while. We appreciate your patience during our transition!

And we want to assure you that the high-quality product inside every package is completely fresh, no matter which Terri Lynn package design you receive! We roast, salt, and chocolate-coat our nuts, snack mixes, and confections every day — and package them up, on the SAME DAY. You can feel good about selling Terri Lynn premium products and your supporters will want to buy more.

No doubt about it: fundraisers can be less stressful and less time-consuming with Terri Lynn’s overall better products.

Keep your supporters coming back again and again, with fresh, premium quality products that are an outstanding alternative to predictable, ho-hum fundraisers. With our products there’s always SOMETHING DELICIOUS FOR EVERYONE — which means you can raise more money. Hard to top that!


Styles come and go... and while we have enjoyed modernizing our look... the heart of Terri Lynn Fundraising will remain the same. The good news is you don’t have to lift a finger, or make any changes, to benefit from our redesign. We have over 80 years of proven experience with fundraising programs and we remain committed to:

  • Premium quality products you can be proud to offer
  • Standout selection — a wide variety of desirable products instead of the same old boring stuff
  • Offering our signature one-pound product packages, for superb value
  • Dedicated, friendly, and expert customer service
  • Meticulous attention to food safety (SQF Level 3 Edition 8 Certified)
  • Three easy-to-use programs for groups to raise funds quickly
  • Letting you choose your selling price based on your own community needs
  • Free Shipping on Quick Start and Order Taking program orders
  • Volume Discounts, Cash Discounts, Referral Bonuses, and Pick-Up Discounts

And of course, our love for the way fundraising brings people together, doing tremendous work for good causes, will never change.

Revealed and Ready

Now you’ve seen our big reveal—Terri Lynn Fundraising is refreshed and ready for you to have successful and delicious fundraisers!

How about you? Make use of the free resources on our website and please reach out to our Dedicated Fundraising Experts — they’ll help you get started with our easy-to-use programs, so your organization can raise funds fast!

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