Success Story: Seeing & Selling Pecans with Grenada Lions Club

Making an impact every holiday season

Proceeds raised from the Grenada Lions Club annual Terri Lynn Pecan Sale are used to fund much-needed sight and hearing programs in the community.

Post Date: Oct 24 2022

Holidays are a season for the senses with the Lions Club of Grenada, MS. Proceeds raised from their annual Terri Lynn Pecan Sale are used to fund much-needed sight and hearing programs in the community, the state, and internationally. They also sponsor hunger projects like Grenada Food Pantry, students attending District Youth Leadership Camps and the Mississippi Lions All-State Band, and vision screening for youth — encouraging the next generation of dedicated Lions!

lions club international

Lions Club Mission

To improve health and well-being, strengthen communities, and support those in need through humanitarian services and grants that impact lives globally, and encourage peace and international understanding.

The International Lions Club is made up of 1.4 million members in 46,000 clubs across the globe — and they’ve been doing good for over 100 years! In Grenada, members join together to help the community see and hear clearly with programs that put eyeglasses and hearing aids into the hands of those in need.

lions club pecan sale

Through fundraising with Terri Lynn and partnerships with local providers, like Dr. Walls with 20/20 Eye Care, the club is helping improve vision health in their community. The Grenada Lions Club also uses fundraising proceeds to donate to Midsouth Sight & Hearing Services, Mississippi Sight Foundation, and Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF).

Four years ago, LCIF gave a grant to the Grenada club, enabling them to purchase a PlusOptix Vision Screening camera to provide vision tests for preschool-aged kids, as well as Kindergarten through 5th graders. Several other clubs have followed suit and received grants, says Club President Pamela Hubbard, and there are now 16 of these screening devices in their district. In total, Lions Club Grenada has helped Lions District 30-M screen over 6,000 children at the local Head Starts and school districts.

Grenada Lions Club’s Terri Lynn Programs

“People are already asking when the pecans will get here,” says Pamela. Historically, the club kicks off their annual Terri Lynn Fundraising Pecan Sale in early November. When Covid hit in 2020, however, they knew they had to get creative with getting their pecans into the hands of their supporters.

Local banks had already partnered by helping sell Terri Lynn pecans inside their banks, but when Covid made that impossible, the banks came to the rescue by selling them through the drive-thru windows. Two years later, this tradition still lives on and other businesses in the community have hopped on board to help with selling Terri Lynn pecans, too, including restaurants and hardware stores.

This year, the big Terri Lynn Pecan Sale kick off debuts on November 5th at Walmart Grenada. The club will have Terri Lynn Fancy Pecans, Chocolate Pecans, and Praline Pecans on hand to sell, as well as a new addition — Giant Whole Cashews!

To enhance the sales from their in-person Quick Start fundraising program, the organization also hosts a virtual Terri Lynn Webstore. Supporters can easily buy online and ship their orders totaling $30+ for free. This means club members’ friends and relatives can support their efforts from anywhere, anytime.

"People are already asking when the pecans will get here!"

Lions Club Grenada’s Fundraising Tips & Successes

“We wouldn’t be able to buy eye glasses or send students to the Mississippi All State Band without these funds,” says Pamela. By hosting their fundraiser at the beginning of the baking and gift-giving season, the Grenada Lions Club’s annual sale has become synonymous with the start of the holidays.

They’ve encouraged supporters over the years (and tantalized their taste buds) by featuring pecan recipes in the local newspaper in the weeks leading up to the sale. They put on their thinking caps and got creative, says Pamela, noting that the quality of Terri Lynn pecans are extra special because they can’t be found in stores.

Here’s one sweet Terri Lynn pecan recipe they’re willing to share!

Lions Pecans - Perfect for a Delicious & Addictive Pecan Cookie

Grenada has its own “Julia” who is well known for her Jams, Jellies and Southern Cooking. Lion Julia Tartt remembers her Grandma Messina making these pecan cookies. Now she makes them for her son, her uncle Dr. Joe Messina and his son Phillip. Why are they called Rock Cookies? Because of all of the pecans, the cookie looks like a rock. It’s not as hard as a rock!! You won’t be able to eat just one!

Rock Cookies

2 sticks butter (softened)

2 cups sugar

3 eggs beaten

4 cups plain flour (sifted)

½ cup water

1 pinch salt

2 teaspoons allspice

2 teaspoons cinnamon

2 teaspoons nutmeg

½ teaspoon baking soda

1 lb. pitted dates (chopped)

2 16-oz. bags Terri Lynn pecans (chopped)

Cream sugar and butter. Add eggs. Sift flour before measuring and blend in. Add water.

Measure spices and baking soda together, then blend in.

Add chopped pecans and dates until all are mixed together. Spoon batter onto a well-greased cookie sheet (grease each time before reuse).

Bake in a preheated oven 350 degrees till golden brown, about 12-15 mins. Time first the batch (ovens and cookie size may differ). Watch bottoms closely to prevent burning. Remove with a spatula to prevent breaking. Store cookies in a covered container.

(Yields approximately 72 medium or 96 small cookies)

Support Grenada Lions Club’s Mission

You, too, can help fund Grenada Lions Club’s programs by ordering through their Terri Lynn Webstore now during their annual event, and year-round! Every purchase of Terri Lynn pecans, snacks, and confections brings them closer to their annual giving goals. You can also learn about the Grenada Lions Club’s scholarships, programs, and community events through their Facebook page.

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