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An Online Fundraising Success Story

We’re proud to share how one of our fundraising partners is using the Terri Lynn Webstore program to make a difference for veterans in need. Here is the Support Our Vets story.

Post Date: Nov 4 2019

One of the most rewarding parts of fundraising is seeing great causes succeed. Raising funds offers the opportunity to make the world a better place — it’s a deeply satisfying experience!

At Terri Lynn Fundraising, we’re thrilled to help our customers with their important causes. For over 80 years, we’ve worked with groups of all sizes to raise healthy profits for their fundraising efforts.

Here’s how one of our partners is using our Webstore fundraising program to make a difference for veterans in need:

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The Support Our Vets Story

Support Our Vets is having terrific success raising money with a Terri Lynn product sales Webstore. In less than 12 months, their Support Our Vets Webstore has over 350 orders from their supporters.

We’re proud to share their story and our conversation with one of the founders...

TL: Hello! How did you get started in veterans’ charitable causes? Please tell us the backstory for the Support Our Vets organization.

SOV: First of all, thank you for your interest in us. I am a veteran and also have family members that are veterans. Sadly, the fog of war and separation from family and friends, can cause stresses upon our nation’s bravest when they come home. Too many suicides, underemployment, unemployment, divorce, PTSD, and homelessness befall veterans at an alarming rate.

Veterans’ issues are not our only objective. We veterans swore an oath to defend the United States, so our group also seeks to advocate for our fellow Americans who become ill from disease. That’s why we donate to Cancer Care, too.

TL: How do you keep yourself motivated? What is it about your fundraising cause that gets you up in the morning?

SOV: What keeps me motivated is my love and appreciation for the American people. I want no American left behind. I want our veterans off the streets. I want our veterans to quit harming themselves. I want people to have a fall-back plan if they get ill with cancer. And I want our children in every community to have a shot at achieving their dreams.

I want our group to establish a system to benefit Americans long after my days on this Earth. Support Our Vets advocates for the health and prosperity and the pursuit of happiness for the American people. It’s not just veterans’ issues. We are going to advocate for the education of our children and raise money for schools. Do my words so far sound like dreaming big? Heck yeah it does. America is a big place of big dreams and big outcomes.

TL: What’s been one of the challenges you’ve faced in your nonprofit journey?

SOV: One of the biggest challenges we face is time in a day. There’s a lot of productive things that can get done in a day — and we just have to find time to do them.

TL: You’ve been very active on social media. Please tell us about how you use social media to get the word out and promote Support Our Vets.

SOV: We have 26,600 followers in less than 11 months. We are doing well on Twitter because of a team effort: The causes that we support are causes in need. Terri Lynn Fundraising has amazing products. I have a sales background and I have operated my own and other people’s businesses before. Since we have need and amazing products and drive to achieve an end — anything is possible.

TL: What advice would you give to a nonprofit who wants to use social media, but feels overwhelmed?

SOV: I don’t have many social media skills. We just have the causes we advocate for, plus Terri Lynn Fundraising products and the desire to win. The advice I would give is the same as I would tell a door-to-door salesperson: No’s are part of it. If you are going to focus on the No’s, you aren’t going to win. So for the folks starting out, don’t be intimidated. You just can’t quit — and you must understand the numbers behind what you’re doing. It’s all about achieving your goals.

TL: What do you like most about using Terri Lynn as a fundraising partner? How has the response been from your supporters?

SOV: What I like most about Terri Lynn Fundraising is the products are exceptional. If you want to achieve exceptional things, you have to surround yourself with exceptional products and desire to achieve. I have not heard one bad word about Terri Lynn Fundraising. The products are amazing; the customer service is amazing. The website that Terri Lynn Fundraising made for us is amazing.

Our supporters love Terri Lynn Fundraising. One of our first buyers, when we were just getting started, went back to our web store in a short amount of time, and has ordered 5 more times since. That’s when I knew Terri Lynn Fundraising was a winner.

TL: Looking at your fundraising efforts so far, what have you learned that’s been most valuable?

SOV: I’ve learned that all fundraisers are not created equal. Our first partner was Terri Lynn Fundraising. We have had numerous other partners to try and complement Terri Lynn, and none of them have been up to the standards of Terri Lynn. I joked with a number of our followers that I’m done searching for partners. I’ve been told to offer a variety, but all our supporters do is buy the Terri Lynn product. LOL

TL: What is the number one tip or strategy you’d give to fellow fundraisers?

SOV: My number one tip is DO NOT QUIT!!! You may hear No, but you are just closer to hearing Yes.

TL: Could you share some of the wins or successes that have been meaningful to your organization?

SOV: Some of our biggest wins are meeting great people, fundraising for great organizations, and knowing that you are making a difference for your family, friends, your country — and the groups you represent, who are helping people that need you.

I appreciate your taking time out of your day to ask these questions and I couldn't be happier to be affiliated with Terri Lynn Fundraising. May God bless y’all and the United States of America.

My number one tip is DO NOT QUIT!!! You may hear No, but you are just closer to hearing Yes.

—Support Our Vets

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