5 Ways to Gain More Supporters in the New Year

A time of reflection and planning.

Read about the top ways we’ve seen fundraising organizations reel in more supporters and multiply their impact this year.

Post Date: Dec 8 2022

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The end of one year and the start of another is a great time for reflection and gratitude.

What were some of your ‘wins’ from the last year?

How did your organization make a difference?

How can you take your cause even further?

If you’re using this moment to think about growing your fundraising efforts in the year ahead, we applaud your initiative! And we want to help. Because helping organizations meet and exceed their fundraising goals is what we do best.

Our Terri Lynn team uses this time to reflect on successes from the last year, too — namely about groups that have been successful in their approaches to raising money. Here are some of the top ways we’ve seen organizations bring in more supporters and multiply their impact this year.

How to Gain More Supporters in the New Year

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Leverage Giving Holidays

The joy of giving lasts year-round, but during certain times of the year that message of generosity rings louder and truer. For this reason, hosting a fundraiser in tandem with a giving holiday can help boost your efforts and lend additional outreach opportunities.

And we’re not just talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas — there are other holidays on the calendar that pair well with fundraising, too. Think about gifts for Easter baskets, or school-wide treats for Teacher Appreciation Day. You can piggyback on these giving occasions by using messaging and graphics associated with the holiday, and by tapping into the general giving spirit of the season.

Tag Along with Local Events

Go to the masses with your fundraiser! If there’s a well-attended local event in your community — whether it’s a 4th of July parade or a winter lights festival — talk with organizers about how your group can be a partner and raise money for your great cause at the same time.

Special events bring people together to better the community. Tap into the spirit! Plan a booth, a performance, an announcement, or even recipe contest to entice the crowds. This is also a great time to hang fliers around town in partnership with local businesses and reach out through collaborative event promotion avenues (like news outreach or combined email lists) to educate even more people about your cause and fundraiser.

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Share a New Story

What were you able to accomplish in the last year? What is one special success story you can share? Your supporters love the taste of Terri Lynn premium snacks and treats, but what else should they know and love about your cause? Collect stories from people directly impacted by the dollars raised by your fundraising efforts and share them.

If there is a lack of personal connection to your cause, there’s a risk of losing steam. A common connection between your cause and people in your community will show your audience the value of their purchases, and the ways in which they’re directly helping your cause thrive.

Make Purchasing Incredibly Easy

If there’s a singular “no” to fundraising, it’s this: don’t make it hard.

The easier you can make it for people to say yes, the more success you’re going to find. So channel your inner supporter (or better yet, ask a handful!), and do your best to understand the hurdles you can shorten for them in the new year.

Maybe you didn’t accept credit cards at an in-person selling event last year, or maybe you didn’t have enough pens for people to fill out order forms. Think about and implement some quick ‘wins’ to make purchasing from your organization at your next fundraiser extra smooth and enjoyable this year.

Learn more about our proven Terri Lynn fundraising programs that meet your supporters where they are! Sell directly to supporters with our Quick Start program, take catalog orders for future pick-up or delivery with our Order Taking Program, or give them the option of purchasing online with our Webstore Program. Or do a combination of all three - you decide what works best for your organization!

Be Where Your Supporters Are

If you’re fundraising for a sports team, sell products at the concession stand during the game. If you’re fundraising for your church, be available before and after services with a table set up displaying products with order forms and pens. The best place for you to be is in front of the people who care about your cause most. Grocery store entrances can be a great place for a fundraiser, but make sure shoppers know who you are so they can care about your cause.

And then, congratulations! You’ve made it EASY to find lots of new supporters by targeting your right-fit audience, knowing where to reach them, and knowing when it will be the most convenient time for them to purchase your fundraising product.

Be Top of Mind in 2023

Your job in the new year is making it easy (and delicious) for your supporters to invest in the outcomes of your good work. Spread the love, help others learn about your organization, and make supporting your cause so easy that it doesn’t take a second thought.

Want to learn more about planning a winning fundraiser in the new year? Our team of Fundraising Experts loves talking strategy and support. Contact us to start the conversation and discover how Terri Lynn can help you make this year one for the record books.

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