How to Grow Your Fundraiser’s Supporter Base with Local Partnerships

Team work makes the dream work

Tap into community and business partners to spread the word for your fundraiser!

Post Date: Mar 3 2023

You know the saying, “Team work makes the dream work”? It applies to fundraising, too!

Rallying supporters around your cause is easier (and much more fun) when you can do it with a group. Your organization’s members and volunteers are a great place to start, and there are other ways you can build your dream team of fundraisers, too. Namely, with partnerships.

Partnerships can act as a funnel for new supporters, and your organization has plenty to offer partners in return. Your organization’s fundraiser can help boost their brand image in your community, offer team-building volunteer opportunities, and tie in your supporters with theirs. Partnerships can offer a mutual benefit to everyone involved, and boost the profits of your fundraiser’s sweet success.

Here are some partnership opportunities that can help grow your fundraiser’s reach and build momentum— and create great long-term relationships that benefit your cause.

Fundraising Partnerships to Grow Your Supporter Base

fundraising partners

1. Venue Partners

If you’re planning a Quick Start or Order Taking fundraiser with Terri Lynn, you’ll likely want a special location for selling your fundraising products in-person. Think of venues that might already have customers or supporters that align with your mission. For instance, if you’re raising money for an animal shelter, a local pet store could be a great place to get in front of other animal lovers. If you’re raising funds for a sports team, a sports retailer can make a great partner, too.

Think about where your ideal supporters shop and play, and then reach out to venues to see if they’ll donate space for your fundraiser. Don’t forget to mention the added benefit of your supporters coming to their venue, too!

media partner fundraiser

2. Media Partners

Media outlets make great fundraising partners because they have outreach tools in place to spread your message to a wider audience. Examples of media partners can include radio stations, local news stations, community magazines, or newspapers. Coverage from a media partner will help improve awareness for your fundraiser, and can help to reduce your fundraiser’s promotional budget by getting advertising support for free (from the experts!).

Pro tip: Pass along our free Promotional Kit to your media partner, so they can use ready-made Terri Lynn fundraising graphics, fliers and social media posts in their outreach efforts.

3. Business Partners

Many groups looking to raise money overlook corporate partnerships, but local businesses can be a perfect match for fundraisers. They generally share a desire to improve the community, and are a great source for new supporters to their cause.

Some ways a business can partner with your fundraiser include:

  • Offering a match for funds raised

  • Posting fliers and posters to educate their employees and customers about your cause

  • Promoting sales of Terri Lynn premium snacks and confections among their staff

  • Serving as a venue for your in-person selling event

  • Donating storage space for supplies and Terri Lynn bulk product deliveries

  • Scheduling employees to volunteer for your fundraiser

  • Offering a special promotion of their merchandise on the same day as your fundraiser (“Buy $25 of Terri Lynn products, and receive 20% off your purchase today!”)

  • Include a link to your Terri Lynn Webstore in their company newsletter or website

  • Purchasing Terri Lynn products to give as holiday and birthday gifts for their own team

nonprofit fundraising partners

4. Other Nonprofit Partners

Good people helping good people — it just feels good! Think about some other local causes that would make a good match with your own. If you’re raising funds to serve low-income families in your area, for example, then a partnership with another organization that provides food or housing could be a great match. And their supporters will likely be excited about your cause, too!

A collaboration with another nonprofit can also bring about new ideas and programs. Things work better in numbers, right? When you combine resources, volunteers, and voices, so much more can be possible.

We suggest forging the new relationship with a Terri Lynn indulgent treat!

Start Reaching Out

Once you get started, we’re willing to bet you’ll find more opportunities for partnerships than you might think. If you’re involved with other organizations, tap into their board members. If you have kids in high school, reach out to their coaches, teachers, and administrators. You never know who might have a perfect-fit relationship with a potential venue, business or media partner.

And remember to keep the relationship alive after your fundraising event is over. Consider sending a thank you card or gift, along with a message about how their partnership is making an impact. Then ask to get on their calendar for next year so you can count on their support early!

Have more questions about fundraising partnerships? We’re full of ideas and answers. Our team of Fundraising Experts has decades of experience guiding organizations like yours to money-raising success. Our quick-and-easy setup process will have you partnering and fundraising in no time.

Visit our contact page, email us at or call us at 1-800-323-0775.

Photo courtesy: Pexels, Pavel Danilyuk

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