Master Facebook Fundraising: Part II

Make the most of Facebook's tools and features

When it comes to reaching a wider audience to raise money for your cause, Facebook delivers.

Post Date: Nov 7 2023

Your friends, coworkers, family members and neighbors have something in common: they’re all more-than-likely on Facebook. And when it comes to reaching a wider audience to raise money for your fundraiser, Facebook delivers.

Facebook continues to be the most-used social media platform worldwide, with over 3 billion monthly active users. is the third most visited website in the world, with 37.2% of all people on Earth using it!* If you are curious about how to easily leverage the power of Facebook into your fundraising efforts, this article is for you!

Your members can use the socially-driven platform to raise money by sharing your cause’s personalized Terri Lynn Fundraising Webstore link to sell delicious premium nuts and snack mixes to their family members all across the country. Or set up a Facebook Event to remind supporters where to find your organization’s fundraiser selling Terri Lynn products in-person at a local event.

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Ready to Master Facebook’s Tools for Fundraising?

You’re in the right place. First, start with How to Master Facebook Fundraising: Part I if you haven’t already. There, we share the exact how-tos for adding buttons to your page, sharing posts, creating Facebook Events and more.

Once you’ve covered the basics to Facebook, pop back over to this article, How to Master Facebook Fundraising: Part II, to learn about:

  • Making your Facebook posts go further

  • Encouraging purchases and ‘shares’ from your online audience

  • Using Terri Lynn’s Free Fundraising Promotions Kit and ready-made visuals

  • Keeping your audience engaged until the very end

We’ve talked with so many Terri Lynn fundraising groups who have found sweet success with fundraising on Facebook. Read on to learn how to raise money faster and easier with Facebook’s free built-in tools (and ours, too!).

5 Tips to Master Facebook Fundraising

1. Ask Your Biggest Fans to Share

Facebook is, by nature, social. And what do we do when we’re in a social setting? We share stories. That’s where fundraisers thrive, when a community of supporters helps spread the word and talk about the stories behind the cause.

Facebook allows your biggest fans to help you reach their network, too. Before your fundraiser even begins, give them a heads-up about the kinds of posts you’ll be sharing and when. That way, they can be ready to click on your post and re-share the message to their family and friends, too.

Bonus points if they add their own personal anecdotes — encourage them to do so! Their friends will appreciate hearing just how much your fundraising mission means to them, and your cause will benefit with their connection too. Whether it’s a personal story about how they benefited from funds raised, or a general request to support something they care about, your biggest fans will be making an impact when they spread your message to their Facebook community.

2. Offer Fan-Only Perks

Why should someone follow your organization on Facebook? Is it because you’ll keep them updated on event happenings? Or because they can get updates on your fundraising progress? Maybe it’s because you offer Facebook fan-only perks! You can get creative with perks that are totally free to you and your fans, or throw in a little something extra to encourage your Facebook fans to stay engaged and make a purchase.

Some examples:

  • Early Fundraising Webstore access for Facebook fans (where you’ll share your webstore link to Fan’s first!).

  • A donation match when they recruit a certain number of Facebook fans (a great opportunity for corporate sponsors to participate).

  • A free recipe or free gift wrapping at your in-person fundraiser if they mention “Facebook” with their purchase.

Tip: Share your own favorite recipes, or use our library of free Terri Lynn recipes to print and share.

3. Utilize Our Free Promotion Kits

Spread the word about your cause on Facebook (and easily bring in more profits) with our ready-to-use free Promotion Kits. Kits include both seasonal and year-round graphics for email, social media, and printing.

All you need to do is download the ready-to-use graphics, add your custom text, save them, and then reshare them on Facebook. Plus, if you’re using our Webstore Program, remember to include the web address links in your posts to your online store so ordering is just a few easy clicks away.

terri lynn promo kit example

Bonus: you can also share posts from our Terri Lynn Facebook page. We post product feature images, recipe ideas, reusable holiday graphics and more!

4. Tell Stories

Use Facebook’s generous character limit to tell stories about ‘the WHY’ of your cause’s fundraiser. There’s no reason to hold back — talk about how your fundraiser started, what motivates your mission, who benefits from the funds you raise, and what reaching your financial goal will mean for your community.

Good stories will capture your Facebook fans’ attention and drive them to action. Sharing numbers like percentage to your goal and dollar amount raised are helpful for getting people to understand the impact of your fundraiser, and adding the emotional element of a good story will inspire your fans to take action in a meaningful way.

5. Post Fundraiser Updates & Thank Yous

Keep your Facebook fans engaged with updates throughout your fundraising journey. After your supporters give, they’ll appreciate hearing how their purchase is helping you reach your goals (and may even be prompted to purchase more). Update your supporters on your progress to share in the excitement.

And along the way, use Facebook to send thank you messages, too. The public recognition will be extra appreciated by business and community partners, and your fans will see that others are giving to your cause.

Bonus: post photos and videos to give your fans a behind-the-scenes peek at your Terri Lynn fundraising journey. And if you are using our Webstore Program , you can also post screenshots of your ‘Fundraising Progress Thermometer’ to show fans just how close you are to reaching your big goal!

fundraising progress thermometer

Let Us Know Your Facebook Tips, Too!

How have you used Facebook to fundraise with Terri Lynn in new ways? We’d love to hear about it, and share your story with other organizations partnering with us to raise money for great causes. Contact us about your successes with Facebook and our easy-to-use Terri Lynn fundraising programs, and we’d love to feature you on our website or newsletter!

*Source: 22 Facebook Stats to Know in 2023 [+HubSpot Data]

(Photo courtesy Pexels, Brett Jordan)

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