Not-To-Be Missed Opportunities for Mother's Day and Father's Day Fundraising

Spring holidays are prime for strategizing and raising money

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like delectable chocolates and snacks, right?

Post Date: Mar 7 2024

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day share something very special with prime fundraising season — springtime! After the end-of-year donation blitz, spring is the next biggest fundraising opportunity of the year. And what better way to celebrate moms and dads than by making a difference in the world with your cause?

With Americans spending billions of dollars each year during both holidays, there are plenty of opportunities to capture the support of family members looking for extra special gifts. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like delectable chocolates and snacks, right?

By hosting a springtime fundraiser with Terri Lynn, you’ll ensure the moms and dads in your community have lots to be grateful for on their special days — delicious gifts and snacks that do double-duty by impacting an important cause. Multi-tasking parents will be proud!

Since spring holidays are prime time for strategizing and raising money, here are some not-to-be-missed opportunities for making Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fundraising a safe bet — all you need are some fundraising tools combined with a great idea!

mothers day and fathers day fundraising

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Fundraising Opportunities

Get sweet on chocolates for Mom (and Grandma)

There’s nothing like exceeding your fundraising goals with the help of everyone’s favorite treat — chocolate! Hosting a Mother’s Day chocolate sale is a great way to help your friends and neighbors (and kids!) give Mom or Grandma her favorite treat while supporting a good cause.

Our Quick Start program is a great way to purchase products to have on hand that you can sell at Mother’s Day events, at church, your local farmers market, or at school (school groups raise more than $1.5 billion each year by selling products). She’ll love opening any of these Terri Lynn favorites:

Satisfy snack cravings for Dad (and Grandpa)

Whether Dad’s favorite pastime is fishing, golfing, or tooling around in the garage, one thing is for certain — he appreciates a good snack to go with it. Our selection of premium nuts and snacks is just what Dad ordered. And when he learns his gift generated funds while making him feel appreciated and special, we know he’ll be extra proud.

Use our Quick Start program for an easy set-up — just purchase your favorite Terri Lynn snacks by the case, set up a table, and start raising money. Tip: Since Father’s Day is in June, we recommend snacks that can weather the heat if you’re planning to set up outside. The Spicy Party Mix and Deluxe Mix are easy wins for dads!

With our Quick Start program, be sure to place your order before our holiday ordering cut off dates to ensure your order qualifies for free shipping and arrives prior to the holiday.

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Include out of town relatives with a Webstore

Invite loved ones near and far to support your Mother’s Day or Father’s Day fundraiser online with your very own fundraising Webstore. Set up is easy, and delivery is hands-free. You can offer the entire Terri Lynn catalog of products to your supporters, and we’ll take care of shipping their orders right to their front doors. Afterall, moms and dads love getting packages in the mail, too!

This program is great for:

  • Schools where students can sell to relatives across the country

  • Clubs and groups that serve a large geographic area

  • Organizations with large email lists (for sending a link to purchase online)

Want more inspiration? See how one group raised over $20,000 using our Webstore program! Setting up a Webstore is a one-and-done activity. Once your Webstore is live, your supporters can order from you anytime, year round.

Throw an event with Terri Lynn ingredients

Moms and dads aren’t immune to the allure of sweets and snacks. Plan a cook-off or bake sale using Terri Lynn premium nuts, and invite families to show off their stuff! Encourage people to share their favorite family recipes, perhaps honoring a mom or dad and their signature dish. Here are some Mother’s Day and Father’s Day events we’ve seen fundraising groups host (at community centers, parks, schools, and other public places):

  • A baking contest where the key ingredient is a Terri Lynn bag of nuts — for example, Fancy Mammoth Pecans or Walnut Halves and Pieces. All dishes must include the main ingredient, with lots of additional flair, of course!

  • A pop-up shop for Mom to purchase her favorite baking ingredients, along with free recipes for cookies, pot-luck appetizers, brownies and more.

  • A tea or lunch party where Mom and Dad can sit back and be served! Dishes incorporate Terri Lynn ingredients, and extra bags are available for purchase at the door.

Create a silent auction or raffle with baskets of goodies

There are absolutely moms and dads who love the delicious rush of winning! Collect donations from community partners and local businesses to create beautiful, themed gift baskets that Mom and Dad will love. Fill them with items like snacks, grilling tools, and games (for Dad), and sweets, books and crafts (for Mom). Customizing gift baskets with a wide range of themes and price points will ensure there’s something to appeal to every supporter.

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Start a Spring Holiday Fundraiser with Terri Lynn

We’ve helped school groups, clubs, sports teams, individuals, and organizations to successfully raise tens of thousands of dollars for their programs. Not only is spring fundraising with Terri Lynn easy and effective — it’s delicious, too! When you’re ready to get started, contact our team of Fundraising Experts, and they’ll help you create a customized plan for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fundraising success.

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