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Miss seeing your members' smiling faces? We can set up a free video conference for you to plan your fall fundraiser. It's easy and fast for you and your group. No account required.

Post Date: Aug 31 2020

There are plenty of challenges for fundraisers this season. But meeting safely face-to-face does not have to be one of them.

Terri Lynn is here to support your group and put our tools to work for your cause.

And now we're offering your group a free, private 60 minute video conference, so you can securely catch up with your team.

Video Conference

The Needs Are Growing Every Day

Think of it—the recent pandemic, severe weather, natural disaster recovery, political/social unrest, the list goes on...yet the charitable cause you care about the most needs funding too.

Plus, many organizations haven't been able to allow their members to meet in person, and most have faced major disruptions to their fundraising schedule. This has led to even greater need for a Safe, Easy and Fast solution to raise money quickly this season.

Fundraisers Need Extra Support Right Now

To help causes like yours have the CDC compliant social distance planning tools you need to meet with your team members safely, Terri Lynn is now offering free virtual committee meetings to make your face-to-face fundraiser planning discussions easier.

A Terri Lynn team member will set up a Free 60 Minute Secure Webex Video Conference for your team.

Putting Our Tools to Work for You — at No Cost

It's Easy and Fast for you and your group:

  • No accounts to set up
  • We provide the email invitation
  • We offer a dial in option too (no computer needed)
  • All you need to do is schedule a date and time that is convenient for you

Your team can use 45 minutes of the time to discuss your fundraising revenue goals, scheduling, sale start/end dates, staffing/volunteers, donors, logistics, fundraising product selections, or anything else your committee needs to talk about.

This Free Webex Video Conference will give you a chance to finally:

  • See your committee members' and volunteers' smiling faces again
  • Put heads together and come up with a great fundraising plan
  • Share important documents, plans and goals
  • Get all-important face-to-face work done safely

In exchange, we’ll use 15 minutes of the meeting to share information with you about how your organization can continue to raise funds while physically distancing with a contactless virtual fundraiser from Terri Lynn's free personalized Webstore fundraising program.

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