Terri Lynn, Inc.

Our Family Tradition of Quality

When my grandfather began this business over 70 years ago, he was shelling pecans right on the kitchen table! He decided then, that in order to be successful, he would always offer the customer a little more than they paid for. This way, his customers would come back time and time again to purchase more quality products. Well, my grandfather was right. When I came into the business I quickly learned that valuable lesson.

Now Terri Lynn is a direct source of nuts, dried fruits and chocolate coated products for fundraising groups across the country. We were privileged to begin working with fundraisers in 1949. Our very first fundraising group was my mother's sorority. Fortunately for us the sorority's current fundraiser could not deliver, and since it was too late to switch, they did not know what to do. They knew my mom was dating my dad and he had a pecan company. Why not sell pecans? My dad drove 8 hours to get the pecans delivered in time for the event. That sorority still uses our pecans, as well as many of our other products raising thousands of dollars each year. Since then we have been selling many other organizations across the country. Our simple fundraising ideas help groups like yours raise thousands of dollars for worthwhile causes year after year.

By living up to our motto for the past 70 years, our family business has grown from a small kitchen table operation into a business with 2 plants, many employees and most importantly thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.

You just can't go wrong with Terri Lynn products. Whether you order 2 cases of candy for a fundraiser or 2 truckloads of custom mixed nuts, you can count on us to give you the finest quality product with exceptional service. See for yourself how Terri Lynn can help you!

Terri Lynn Schuck, President

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