Demystifying Online Fundraising: Myths & Facts

Setting up a Webstore is easy, and management is hands-free.

Get confident about hosting an online fundraiser that meets (or exceeds!) your big goals.

Post Date: Jun 26 2024

When it comes to fundraising, times have changed — and quickly! Technology plays an important role in most of our lives, with more people than ever making purchases and connecting with loved ones online.

So what does that mean for fundraising? Going digital with your money-raising efforts can be an effective way of reaching more supporters, and offloading some of the work it takes to host a successful event.

Better yet, you can combine your online fundraising efforts with in-person methods to multiply your impact and increase overall sales!

We know there are some unknowns about the online fundraising world — especially if you’re familiar with more traditional approaches like door-to-door sales. But we’re here to debunk some of the myths around online fundraising, and get you feeling confident about hosting a digital fundraiser that meets (or exceeds!) your big goals.

online fundraising myths

Online Fundraising Myths

Myth 1: Online fundraising isn’t as effective as in-person

A common concern we hear is that hosting a fundraiser online won’t have the same impact as an in-person event. Not only have we helped fundraising groups bring in tens of thousands of dollars online (like this group that raised over $20,000 using our Webstore program), but we also make it easy to combine in-person and digital fundraising so that you can benefit from the best of both worlds.

Keep in mind that online fundraising is almost always more cost effective, too. In general, it takes fewer volunteer hours, and you’ll save on equipment, venue rental fees, and transportation costs — among other associated costs. By leveraging free online tools like our Webstore program, email, and social media, you can reduce your financial investment while still seeing big-time results.

Watch this video to learn more about our FREE Webstore fundraising program!

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Myth 2: Managing an online fundraiser is difficult

Easy is the name of the game. Using our all-in-one online fundraising platform takes the stress out of planning and managing an event. With a Webstore, all your communication can happen in one place — share progress toward your goal, thank customers for their purchases, and accept payments all in one platform.

There are no minimums for your supporters to order, so they can purchase one product or hundreds, all shipped directly to their door. You don’t have to worry about deliveries or handling money, since all of it is taken care of in one place online.

Bonus: Your supporters can help you spread the word, too! Your unique Webstore link can be shared via text, email or on social media. Encourage your supporters to pass it on to their friends and family, where they can order and support your cause from anywhere in the U.S.

Myth 3: People don’t like to give online

Online ordering is more popular than ever. Everyday tasks from shopping to appointment scheduling have gone virtual, and your supporters are familiar with the process of adding items to their cart and checking out online.

Our payment platform is secure and easy, and the purchasing process is seamless from beginning to end. Your supporters won’t be led away to another website to pay — everything is built-in to your Webstore. They can browse our full catalog of over 30 premium products, and easily ship to their home address. It’s just like shopping online anywhere else, but with the benefit of giving back to your great cause.

Myth 4: Online fundraising means I have to build a website

We take the hassle out of setting up an online store. With our Webstore program, you can have a free and personalized online storefront ready in just a few steps. Upload your logo, choose your profit margin, submit a W-9 form, and start spreading the word.

You can share your unique Webstore link on Facebook, in emails, or in texts to supporters. We take care of the eye-catching visuals, too. Access a suite of graphics in our free Promo Kit to grab attention on your social media pages and in your emails.

Set up your Webstore today! Then include your Webstore link in emails and social media posts so people can start buying — and you can start fundraising — right away.

Myth 5: Online fundraising is complicated

It’s true that some online tools are expensive and difficult to set up and deploy. Setting up a Webstore, however, is easy and management is hands-free. You can offer the entire Terri Lynn catalog of nuts, snacks and confections to your supporters. We take care of shipping orders right to their front doors (shipping is free for orders of $30 or more). Cost and complexity aren’t a factor.

With our ship-to-home model, you don’t have to worry about collecting money or making deliveries. Just sit back, and get your monthly profit checks in the mail.

Setting up a Webstore is a one-and-done activity. Once your Webstore is live, your supporters can order from you anytime, year round.

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Host an online fundraiser with a Terri Lynn Webstore

Give your supporters a sweet purchasing experience. With online fundraising, you can tell your story anywhere in the world, and build relationships with supporters without ever having to travel. Plus, they can order 24/7 when it’s convenient for them.

More people are online today than ever. When you’re ready to reach them, follow our Easy 5-Step Guide to Starting a Webstore Fundraiser. After that, we’ll send a link to your personalized store where you can start raising money right away.

When you’re ready to get started, contact our team of Fundraising Experts, and they’ll help you create a customized plan for fundraising success!

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