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Post Date: Aug 2 2023

While rallying around the end-of-year holidays has its benefits (gift-giving season, holiday baking, cookie exchanges, and more), there are plenty of reasons for conducting a fundraiser in the “off” season, too.

Diversifying your fundraising efforts throughout the year can help ward off donor fatigue, especially when your supporters are being bombarded with retail campaigns and charitable requests at the end of the year. Fundraising at other times can help you stand out from the crowd and avoid getting lost in the noise.

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Fundraising outside of the fall holiday season also enables your organization to capitalize on other events, including ‘awareness’ months, anniversaries, celebrations, and community happenings. Your organization can tap into their existing momentum and enthusiasm and find even more supporters for your fundraiser, further increasing your chances of achieving your profit goals!

So what are the other prime times of the year for product fundraising? And how can you benefit from promoting during non-peak fall holiday fundraising seasons? Glad you asked! Here are several ways that Terri Lynn fundraising groups are getting creative with successful campaigns throughout the year.

Appreciation Days

Bosses, teachers, nurses, administrative assistants — they’re all celebrated on special appreciation days each year, and for good reason! You can hop on the appreciation train by selling Terri Lynn premium nuts, snack mixes and confections that your supporters can buy and give away to say thank you. With our Webstore program, you can sell Terri Lynn products ahead of the appreciation date and have products delivered in time for the special day. Or you can plan a Terri Lynn Quick Start fundraiser and order products in bulk to have on hand to sell outside your local school, office or medical clinic.

Extra tip: Appreciation days work for any type of fundraiser! Even if you’re raising money for new equipment for a high school sports team, for example, the players can run a Terri Lynn fundraiser and promote gift-giving for teachers where the profits raised benefit their cause at the same time.

Local Celebrations

Hopping on the bandwagon of local festivals, parades or sporting events can help your fundraiser reach wider audiences and boost your promotional efforts. Take advantage of foot traffic at these events by setting up a table to sell Terri Lynn products (using our Quick Start fundraising program), and have order taking sell sheets on hand for people wanting to purchase even more premium nuts, snacks and treats to support your cause (using our Order Taking fundraising program). Get in touch with local event organizers to see what other ideas you can kindle together to collaborate and co-promote!

Extra tip: When it comes to in-person events, having products on-hand and ready for supporters to purchase is a great way to boost your fundraiser’s profits. It’s hard to say no to a delicious bag of Terri Lynn Milk Chocolate Malted Milk Balls when they’re ready to be eaten! Then give your fundraiser an extra jump by sending supporters away with a flier that shares a link to your online Terri Lynn Terri Lynn Webstore. Here they can order over 30 different products, or more of what they just tried. Watch your profits begin to soar!

Season Changes

When it comes to the nostalgia of every season, food is one area that gets extra attention. Pumpkin spice in the fall, fruit in the spring, comfort foods in the winter…your supporters’ taste buds change throughout the year, so be ready to tempt them with delectable Terri Lynn snacks and sweets! Host a spring, summer, fall or winter fundraiser and use the free fliers in our Seasonal Promo Kit to encourage your community, friends and neighbors to stock up for the season.

Extra tip: Share our Terri Lynn recipe page with your supporters so they can feel inspired to bake, cook and mix with the Terri Lynn premium nuts and sweets they’ve purchased from your fundraiser. We’ve got great ideas for leaning into fall with Pumpkin Spice Pecan Doughnuts, or springing forward with Salted Banana Bread & Walnut Breakfast Muffins. These are just a few from the nearly 40 recipes available to try!

Launching a New Community Program

Don’t wait until the holiday season to fundraise if you’re launching a new program or need to raise funds now. Off-peak season fundraisers are better able to cut through the noise of the holiday season (when lots of organizations and retailers are competing for supporter’s attention and dollars), and can improve the visibility of your efforts. Plus, your supporters will appreciate knowing their contributions will be used right away — for things such as purchasing new uniforms, funding new community programs, sending students or church members on mission trips, and more.

Extra tip: Get specific when it comes to sharing your fundraising goals and outcomes, such as “purchasing 30 pairs of eyeglasses for seniors” or “sending 10 church members on a youth mission” or “setting up 25 new recycle bins.” Your supporters will appreciate being able to visualize where their funds are going, while enjoying their premium nuts, snacks and confections in return!

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Ready To Start Your Fundraiser?

Holiday fundraising absolutely has its merits, but there are plenty of other great times to raise money throughout the year, too. Leveraging events, playing on the flavors of the season, announcing new programs — they’re all great opportunities to maximize your messaging and fundraising efforts, and keep your income streams open during all seasons.

Trying to figure out the best timing for your fundraiser? Have questions about how our three Fundraising Programs can be used together to reach sweet success? Our team of Fundraising Experts is here to guide you through the quick-and-easy setup process, and customize a plan to help you reach your fundraising goals.

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