5 Easter Fundraising Ideas to Hop On Early

Host your most successful Easter fundraiser ever.

Fill your basket with Terri Lynn programs, products and recipes!

Post Date: Jan 30 2023

Are you having visions of bunnies, baskets and blooms yet?

Okay, maybe it’s still a little early in the year, but now is actually a great time to visualize your best Easter fundraiser yet and start getting your ducks (er, chicks) in a row. Hop into the spring spirit and try some of these ideas that put the “fun” in fundraising for your school, church or organization.

easter fundraising bunny

5 Easter Fundraising Ideas

Basket-Making Day

Host a basket-making event with delicious snacks and confections from Terri Lynn. Using our Quick Start program, you can pre-order bags of basket-worthy treats to have on hand, then sell them to your supporters to raise funds at your event. All ages love our Milk Chocolate Peanuts, Gummi Bears and Milk Chocolate Malted Milk Balls on Easter morning!

You can provide the baskets, or invite your community to bring their own. Provide other basket stuffing essentials like fillable eggs, carrot seeds, coloring books and tissue paper so your participants can leave with a perfectly-stuffed gift for the holiday ahead.

Easter pecan rolls

Easter Bake Sale

Round up your bakers and make sellable cakes, bars, breads and sweets using premium Terri Lynn products. You can order Terri Lynn baking ingredients (like Fancy Pecan Pieces and Roasted Whole Almonds) ahead of time using our Quick Start program, and then give your supporters the opportunity to order more of their own with our Order Taking or Webstore programs.

To be allergy-safe, we recommend noting the ingredients of all entries.

And if you’re looking for recipe inspiration, we have that, too! Browse our library of recipes that have been tested and tasted (and even kid-approved!) by our team using top-quality Terri Lynn ingredients.

See how Grenada Lions Club highlights their own recipes in their Annual Terri Lynn Pecan Sale, and feel free to print any of the above recipes to share with your supporters as a bonus “gift” with their ingredient purchase!

bunny bingo garden

Bunny Bingo

This one is perfect for school events with children and families, or even senior gatherings at your church. Participants donate an entry fee to play, and you can host several rounds with different Terri Lynn product prizes fit for Easter, such as Honey Roasted Cashews or Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels. You can also have Terri Lynn products available for purchase after the game, for Bingo players who want to buy more and support your fundraising cause!

easter basket fundraiser

Easter Raffle

Create several “ultimate” Easter baskets and then raffle them off to your community of supporters. Terri Lynn premium snacks and treats make perfect basket-stuffers, and you can even create themes for each one. Don’t forget to promote your Terri Lynn Webstore, where supporters who didn’t win the raffle can go to shop for basket-fillers and support your cause!

Baking Themed Basket

Get donations from your local grocery store for baking tools and ingredients. Then top it with bags of Walnut Halves & Pieces, Giant Cashews, and Fancy Mammoth Pecans. To fill the basket even more, print copies of our complimentary Terri Lynn recipes and include them for baking-day inspiration!

Chocolate Themed Basket

Who doesn’t love chocolate at Easter? We have all the cocoa-themed treats you need to make this basket irresistible. You can also add some mugs for hot chocolate or a few salty snacks to pair with all the sweet items. We recommend our Giant Milk Chocolate Malted Milk Balls, Milk Chocolate Bridge Mix, and Milk Chocolate Pecan Clusters.

Snack Lovers Basket

For those who like grazing at the snack table before Easter dinner (and who doesn’t?), you can make a basket brimming with sweet and salty nibbles. Your raffle winner will love our Fancy Colossal Pistachios, Spicy Party Mix, and Sweet & Salty Trail Mix.

Easter Picnic

Host an Easter-themed picnic with Terri Lynn nuts, snacks and mixes on hand to sell to your hungry masses. This event can also be combined with an Easter Bake Sale or Basket-Making Day to maximize your opportunities to raise money with your supporters. Some other fun activities can include egg decorating, a bunny-bounce house for kids, or flower planting with pots and bulbs. Whatever activities you choose for your picnic, bring Terri Lynn along to make the day extra sweet and profitable for your fundraising group!

Hop To It!

Remember, with Terri Lynn fundraising, you don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket. We have three fundraising programs to help you reach your springtime goals, and you can use one, two, or all three in combination! In fact, some of our most successful fundraising groups use more than one fundraising program to meet their supporters where they are — online or in-person at Easter events!

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can utilize our fundraising programs this spring to maximize your profits, we invite you to get in touch with our team of Fundraising Experts. We’ve been helping groups like yours raise money for good causes for decades, and would love to help you find sweet success with Terri Lynn, too!

Photo credit: Unsplash, Elena Mozhvilo, Patrick Schaudel, Gary Bendig

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