Success Story: Over a Decade of Delicious Fundraising with Tri Kappa

Doing good with products that taste great!

With proceeds raised from their annual fundraiser, the Iota chapter of Tri Kappa in Indiana is able to fund grants to local charities.

Post Date: Mar 24 2022

When an organization is able to “do good” with products that taste great, it’s a win-win for all! With the proceeds raised from sales of Terri Lynn premium nuts, snacks and treats, the Iota chapter of Tri Kappa in Indiana is able to fund grants to local charities, scholarships to local students, and support arts programs in schools. Making a difference in the community never tasted so good!

Tri Kappa’s Mission

To bring women together to help promote charity, education, and culture in our community.

Tri Kappa has a stunning history — serving their community since 1901! In 1920, Tri Kappa Valparaiso Iota Chapter awarded their first four university scholarships to local high school students for $42 each. Today, they give thousands of dollars annually to programs that support their community. These include grants for art programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts, United Way, youth and family services, community theater, and more. The list is inspiring! And they’re still donating college scholarships for local high schoolers — to the tune of $500,000 total to date.

Tri Kappa’s Terri Lynn Programs

“For as long as anyone can remember” Tri Kappa has been fundraising each fall with Terri Lynn products, says member Mindy Reineke. Typically, the group orders cases of nuts and chocolates through the Quick Start program every September, and then meets as a committee to sort them into individual bags and smaller boxes for member pick-up. The goal is to get supporters their nuts, snacks and treats by Thanksgiving Day — especially the pecans for baking and cooking!

“We have one supporter who ordered probably 15 bags of pecans because she bakes,” says Mindy. “She loves the pecans.”

In 2020 and 2021, Tri Kappa added the Webstore program to their annual “Nut Sale” as well, to meet the organization’s fundraising needs while hosting a socially-distanced, virtual event.

“Because we’ve had lots of fundraisers we’ve had to cancel, it’s been a great fundraiser option. When we can’t do it in-person, it’s been a way for us to make money for the community.”

Tri Kappa’s Fundraising Tips & Successes

Tri Kappa attributes a fair amount of their fundraising success to their unique joining structure. When a new member joins Tri Kappa, they are required to purchase 12 bags of Terri Lynn nuts as a “joining fee.” This is offered as an alternative to a traditional membership fee, and benefits all — both the Tri Kappa organization and the new member’s loved ones who get to enjoy the snacks!

Tri Kappa has also found success in the timing of their annual “Nut Sale” fund drive. By hosting the event in the fall, they are able to sell products that can be used as baking ingredients and holiday gifts. They report that their supporters’ favorites include the Giant Cashews and Deluxe Mix.

After the holidays are over, they’ll bring along any unsold bags of Terri Lynn nuts, snacks and treats to monthly membership meetings. There, the 100+ local members can purchase (or claim and sell) more throughout the year to continue raising funds. In fact, Mindy says many past members continue to buy Terri Lynn products even after they’ve left the organization, because they love the taste and want to sustain support for Tri Kappa’s mission.

As far as fundraising tips for other organizations, Tri Kappa has found success by fundraising year round using their free, personalized Terri Lynn online Webstore.

“For those who didn’t make the fall fundraiser, they can hop on the web,” says Mindy. “We let members know they can order year round. Have a mom’s birthday coming up? Order online!”

Support Tri Kappa’s Mission

You can help Tri Kappa’s members find sweet success by ordering through their Tri Kappa Webstore year round. Every purchase brings them a step closer to their annual giving goals! You can also learn about their grants, scholarships, and community events through their Facebook page.

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